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8 reasons to buy

  • Fans and non-fans alike are ecstatic over the Stranger Things x Nike Air Tailwind 79 for the style and comfort it affords them.
  • Numerous buyers share the overall comfort this trainer has to offer.
  • Many sneaker fans describe how sick and cool the attention to detail is on this collaboration. 
  • The majority of the users are very pleased with the color variations.
  • Some purchasers love the pine green/orange hue as it reminds them of the Miami Hurricanes football team color.
  • Several shoe hunters like the simplicity of the all-cream color as a beater and let the fabric naturally wear off to reveal the denim underneath.
  • A few reviewers mention the likeness of the white colorway to the white Nike Daybreak SP.
  • This classic-inspired pair is hard to cop, notes several shoe collectors.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Quite a few sneakerheads find the tongue a bit too long.
  • Some consumers would have preferred the sock accessory (like the 2018 Nike Tailwind 79 re-release) over the pins.
  • While some love the all-cream colorway, several do not like the purposeful effort one has to go through to reveal the denim beneath it.

Bottom line

One need not be a fan of the hit series Stranger Things to grab this reimagined version of the Nike Air Tailwind 79. It possesses the same level of comfort as the main model as it features Nike’s air technology. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that owning a pair of this classic in the version of one of today’s most-talked-about series does add some solid cred to one’s collection.


Expert Reviews

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The Nike x Stranger Things Air Tailwind 79 is exclusively available in men’s sizing. While the shoe does run true to size, those who prefer a snug forefoot recommend getting it half a size down.

For added comfort, this limited-edition release has a textile-lined padded collar and tongue, and a mesh upper affords ample ventilation.

With colorways available in Pine Green/Orange, White/Royal Blue/University Red, and cream/denim, looks can run from minimalist to crazy-fun. 

  • Putting on a khaki or light gray ankle cut pants, a charcoal gray tee, and a green/orange pair on feet will complete for an earthy look.
  • Because of the basicness of the colors white/blue/red, old or young can pull off any ensemble they choose, and no one is the wiser.
  • To match the otherworldly design of the cream/denim, one can style it as an everyday, basic wear or be as adventurous with black joggers and black tee.

For this collaboration, Nike took their time in paying homage to some of the highlights in the Season 3 series and individually incorporated them in the separate colorways in the form of famous lines, school logos, themes, etc.

                 Pine Green/Orange

  • Has a reflective material outlining the Nike swoosh logo.
  • It has the Hawkins High School emblem on the heel.
  • “Tiger Pride” is printed on the instep.

                 White/Royal Blue/University Red

  • It has numbers “19” and “85” on the left and right heel counters, respectively.
  • The instep prints the July 4th Hawkins Park fireworks invitation details.
  • Under-tongue has the print, “One summer can change everything.”
  • Each aglet is in red and blue color.


  • It has Stranger Things branding on the heel, which is beneath the unrefined tonal sail fabric upper that can be removed via burning or ripping.
  • The left instep has the drawing of the device used in the series to open up a portal, along with some formulas.
  • Also in the left shoe, under the removable insole, reveals the code in the Russian language.
  • Right instep etches one of the famous lines, “Suzie do you copy?”. This, too, has doodles of various machine drawings.
  • Under the right removable insole reveals the English translation of the Russian code that two of the main characters solved.

After the first season of Stranger Things in 2016, a massive following ensued. People were hooked not only to the plot, but the amazing characters were just too lovable to ignore. However, apart from the 80s era setting, people went back in time with nostalgic music and fashion that embodied the period.

In time for the release of Season 2 in 2017, Reebok, together with streetwear and sneaker retail store, BAIT, and Stranger Things, came out with one of the most classic Reebok shoes in the ‘80s, the Bait x Stranger Things x Ghostbusters x Reebok Ex-O-Fit Clean Hi. Released in limited quantities, it sold out quickly.

A week before the release of Season 3 in 2019, Nike released a Stranger Things collection from apparel to footwear. This set saw a Stranger Things-inspired Blazer, Cortez, and Air Tailwind 79 in limited quantities. The color selection on this release takes inspiration from the fictional school from the series, Hawkins High School.

On the day that the latest season aired on July 4, 2019, Nike dropped an OG Pack White aptly themed to celebrate Independence Day. This iteration features white/blue/red hues to showcase that patriotism virtue.

To cement the whole theme of the hit series, Nike released an Upside Down version in the cream/denim colorway in August 2019. This one-of-a-kind sneaker gives the wearer the option to intentionally rip or burn the cream fabric to reveal the denim material underneath.

  • Every colorway features different details that hardcore Stranger Things followers will notice. 
  • Each model has limited pins.
  • Depending on the colorway, it also features either a replica of The Hawkins Post newspaper or Starcourt Mall’s blueprint, which are used as paper wrappings for the shoe.
  • There is an extra pair of black laces for the cream/denim colorway.

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