Who should buy the Nike Victory G Lite

It is a golf shoe that would suit golf players who are after the following benefits:

  • A spikeless outsole that works both on the fairways as well as casually
  • Partially made with recycled materials
  • Water-repellent upper
  • Sneaker-inspired aesthetics

Nike Victory G Lite logo

Who should NOT buy the shoe

If you need a spikeless shoe with better traction capacity, you may prefer the Nike Roshe G or the Footjoy Flex.

Nike Victory G Lite fit

Cushioned comfort of the Victory G Lite

The reviewers were ecstatic about the comfort provided by this Nike golf shoe. There are numerous comments regarding how comfortable the shoe feels straight from the box. Here are some of them:

  • "I felt like they formed to my feet and I want to wear them forever"
  • "like sweatpants for feet"
  • "feels like my feet are getting a comfy hug all day"
  • "way more comfortable than my day-to-day sneaker

Some also mentioned that the sole is nice and flexible which makes walking a breeze, unlike what usually happens in a spiked pair of golf shoes.

Nike Victory G Lite flexible

More than a few people didn't even use the Victory G Lite for its intended purpose (which is golf, duh). It ended up being their go-to casual sneaker.

And those who did use the shoe on the links report that it is comfortable for getting you through 18 holes.

Nike Victory G Lite cushioning

Grip is not the shoe's strongest point

Opinions differ regarding the shoe's traction capacity on the course. Some people are satisfied with the grip, stating that the shoe "gripped the course just as good if not better than a traditional golf spike."

Others are completely turned off:

  • "the traction is horrible and I was slipping all over"
  • "a couple rounds in them and I find myself slipping during some swings"
  • "I've never slipped like this before in 'normal' golf shoes"

Finally, there were people who took the middle ground, claiming that the grip is sufficient for a shoe of this kind. They also mentioned that it is fine as long as you don't play on wet grass and hilly terrain.

Nike Victory G Lite outsole traction

Victory G Lite is breathable for summer

"You really can’t beat their breathability in the summer heat," - many golfers appreciated the shoe's breathable upper. They report that the material lets their feet breathe even when it gets hot and muggy.

Nike Victory G Lite breathable

Less waste, more comfort

The shoe's upper is made with at least 20% recycled materials. This fact has drawn a good number of buyers.

Nike Victory G Lite upper

Nike Victory G Lite is a looker!

Many people actually ignored the fact that the shoe is meant for golf and purchased it for wearing as a sneaker that boasts its visual appeal. They are calling it "sleek," "crisp, and clean."

It matches many casual outfits very well and can even be dressed up with a pair of jeans for a night out.

It is a hot one!

Nike Victory G Lite style

Facts / Specs

Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Water-repellent
Material: Knit
Closure: Laces
Style: Athletic
BRAND Brand: Nike
Features: Breathable

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