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Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
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Brand: Nike
Colorways: Black / Blue / Grey

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4 reasons to buy

  • Many owners found the Nike Varsity Compete Trainer to be very comfortable for everyday use and cross-training.
  • Plenty of shoppers were impressed at how good this shoe looked; it paired well with casual and gym clothes.
  • The trainer was constructed to deliver support during cross-training, Cleatcamp, weightlifting, HIIT, etc.
  • Some people noted liking the lightweight nature of the merchandise.

1 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of gym-goers warned that the shoe lacks traction on wet surfaces.

Bottom line

Most of the buyers gave the Nike Varsity Compete Trainer positive feedback regarding its comfort and style. It was also deemed to be well constructed as a workout shoe. However, there were complaints about the width and the traction of the underside. But in the end, those that managed to secure the right width were very pleased with it.

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The Varsity Compete Trainer is an everyday workout shoe from Nike that is meant to support and move with the user during their strenuous workout sessions.

The Varsity Compete Trainer has a bottom made of solid rubber that is meant to provide sturdiness while protecting the foot from the harsh elements of the ground. It wraps up to the medial and lateral sides to safeguard the upper. It is patterned aggressively all over with rubber nubs that amplify the traction on various types of surfaces, especially on the turf ground.

The trainer utilizes an EVA foam unit to cradle the foot. This material is shock-absorbent, cushiony, and supportive. It has a low-profile design that gives a close-to-the-ground feel, makeing the wearer feel stable.

The Nike Varsity Compete Trainer has a low-cut style to foster Compete ankle mobility that lets the user move unhindered. It employs mesh for the topmost part. It is a breathable material that permits air to pass through inside the foot chamber. It also has the flexibility to expand whenever it needs to during fast and challenging workouts.

Synthetic overlays are strategically placed on the high-wear areas. They serve as reinforcements that protect the fabric from rips.

The midfoot is wrapped in webbing. It works together with the traditional lace-up closure to lock the foot down. It is also meant to enhance lateral support.

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