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7 reasons to buy

  • A high number of golfers are instantly captivated by the Nike Vapor Pro's sleek and stylish profile. 
  • This Nike golf shoe has a straight-out-of-the-box comfort that is apparent, according to plenty of users. 
  • One notices that the addition of the Lunarlon cushioning makes a vast difference in the shoe's comfort. 
  • Few individuals highly appreciate the flexibility that this shoe provides. 
  • Several testers laud their grip on the course. It works well on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • The shoe's lightweight nature is perfect for walking, according to a couple of reviewers. 
  • Several commenters claim that this spiked pair is extraordinarily supportive.

1 reason not to buy

  • The construction of the shoe tends to exaggerate overpronation, says one tester.

Bottom line

The Nike Vapor Pro encapsulates functionality in a sleek and stylish package. While its looks captivated many golfers, its performance on the fairway made them settle. As impossible as it may seem to create the perfect shoe, the Swoosh hits a nearly perfect one with this golf trainer.

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Good to know

The Nike Vapor has made a mark in the golfing community with its spikeless outsole. The release of the Pro version shows that the legacy continues as it injects spikes into the mix. The Lunarlon cushioning system, the waterproof Flywire upper, and the hybrid outsole satisfy all that is needed on the course.

Traction domination. The design of the shoe is placed with seven removable CHAMP PiviX golf spikes. Each of these is positioned on the outsides of the shoe to optimate gripping power on lateral movements. It has a simple twist and lock system, powered by the CHAMP SLIM-Lok system. The combination of which delivers extraordinary traction without sacrificing ground feel on different terrain conditions. 

Cleat counterpart. The Integrated Traction is a prevalent advancement that is seen on several Nike golf shoes, specifically the spikeless versions. It boosts the shoe's ground grip while facilitating a stable base. 

Love for Lunarlon. The cushioning technology used on the Nike Vapor Pro is the Lunarlon. This advancement was first used on Nike’s basketball and running shoes. The golfing community now also benefits from this lightweight foam. Lunarlon effectively absorbs impact by evenly distributing the weight across the entire foot.

Flexible with Flywire. The upper of the shoe utilizes a Nike Flywire. This advancement is composed of lightweight yet heavy-duty Vectran filaments that are placed on specific areas to enhance the fit, support, and flexibility. The synthetic leather saddle works hand in hand with the Flywire to ensure that it draws instability on the midfoot section. 

Locked and fastened. The lace-up closure ensures that the foot is securely fastened even through long-distance walking or when the foot rotates during a swing. The soft padding on the tongue and the lining that wraps the foot on the heel ensure comfort and easy entry.

Style harmony is achieved with the Nike Vapor Pro as it achieves classic styling through the use of modern materials. The whole silhouette of the shoe exudes clean and simple, but it is also versatile enough to be paired with different types of clothing. The waterproof upper allows it to be unfazed through different seasons and weather conditions, and its styling perfectly aligns with it. 

The saddle-like style is also infused subtly that instead of the traditional styling, it only creates depth. The entire look of the shoe is minimal, and the only branding that can be spotted on the whole shoe is the contrasting-colored Swoosh on the sides.

  • A one-year waterproofing warranty is given for this model to ensure complete water repellency throughout the year.


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