Who should buy the Nike Vapor Edge

Touted by many as a "sick shoe" that performs well, the Nike Vapor Edge Team is surely for the following: 

  • footballers whose roles require them to do more sprints
  • players who are looking for cleats that suit their limited budgets
  • athletes with narrow to normal-sized feet

Nike Vapor Edge Team vapor edge team buy

Who should NOT buy this football cleat from Nike

This Nike shoe is not for football players who do not have that much time to break in their shoes. They are better off with the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3, which is good to go straight out of its box.

Nike Vapor Edge Team vapor edge team not buy

Those who are looking for shoes that last beyond a single season are not going to be happy with this Nike cleat. The Nike Force Savage Pro 2 is a good and durable alternative.

Fit and containment? The Nike Vapor Edge Team is a hit or miss!

This Nike football cleat garners many reviews online, and the following are just some of the words said about this football cleat's fit:

  • "fit is really perfect"
  • "mold beautifully"
  • "fit to the feet"

Still, these fragrant words still have to be taken with a grain of salt as there are also wearers who talk about how they got blisters because their shoes had been too tight. Given this, it's best to try and wear this shoe in-store so you will be able to get the most appropriate fit.

Also, football players who have wide may want to consider sizing up to get a better fit.

Nike Vapor Edge Team vapor edge team fit

Enjoy lightness and comfort after breaking the shoe in

From "very comfortable" to "the most comfortable cleats", comments on how nice this cleat feels on foot are clearly on the superlatives. Many players describe how their feet are given the leeway to breathe, kicking away any uneasiness. They also report not feeling any pain even after wearing this shoe for a long time because it just feels so light. It must be noted here that all this goodness can only be enjoyed after a considerable break-in period.

Nike Vapor Edge Team vapor edge team comfort

The Vapor Edge Team is not the most durable

However, a couple of players point out that the materials start ripping quite early. Extra care has to be observed if this shoe is to last one whole season.

With the Vapor Edge Team, sprints to the goal are never a problem!

This shoe's midsole is set up to be ready for speedy movements. It offers a lot of springiness and ground feel, which are attributes that catapult the player forward without affecting control. This is cleverly complemented by the soleplate, which a player describes as having the capacity to rotate and grab the ground as he is gaining momentum.

Nike Vapor Edge Team vapor edge team midsole

Speaking of the soleplate, it grips really well!

Many say that his shoe has a good grip. One even went as far as exclaiming that this one has "good traction when on turf or grass, 10/10!" Given this, there is no room for doubt about how the Nike Vapor Edge Team digs into the turf and/or natural grass.

Nike Vapor Edge Team vapor edge team outsole

The Nike Vapor Edge Team looks good

Yes, it already performs well, but the Nike Vapor Edge Team is not to be edged out when it comes to looks either. There are footballers who report that this Nike model is "aesthetically great" and has a "very sleek and clean-looking" design.

Nike Vapor Edge Team vapor edge team sleek

Facts / Specs

Collection: Nike Vapor Edge
Top: Low
Closure: Lace-up
Material: Textile/Mesh
Stud type: Molded
BRAND Brand: Nike
Width: D-Medium

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