Who should buy the Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360

This Nike football cleat is a good match for you if:

  • You want a shoe with a reliable grip for smooth movements on any turf
  • You are after a football cleat that is perfect for achieving quick cuts 
  • You prefer a cleat with great features that comes with an affordable price 

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 logo

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360: Cheap agility

Who says that quality has to be costly? People who bought Vapor Edge Speed 360 commented that even simple techs can produce amazing results when implemented well. Designed for speed and agility, many find this pair a great choice to deliver outstanding performance in the field.

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 midsole

Traction and grip that won't disappoint

Many appreciate how this shoe contains an Edge plate with bigger spikes. Athletes specifically commended this feature as it allows them to effectively cut through grass and dig into the ground during play.

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 toebox

Footballers have nothing but praise when it comes to this pair's grip, commenting that they can run fast in these cleats because its soleplate digs into the grass well and stabilizes their every step.

Comfort and breathability in one shoe? Check!

People who own this shoe asserted that the streamlined construction and minimal build result in a type of comfort that does not weigh the wearer down.

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 heel logo

Many also find the upper extremely comfortable due to its thin upper materials that are breathable, which allows them to play football without any hint of discomfort.

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 heel

...but requires breaking-in

Many have also complained that this shoe starts super stiff, saying that the Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 has to be broken in before it can be used in actual games.

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 insole

Several players said that it's good to wear this pair during practices and actual games instead of reserving it for first-time use on an actual game.

The Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 is built to last

When it comes to the highlight feature of this pair, the majority of people who owns this shoe commend its durability. Many mentioned that these cleats are so well-built that they are ideal for high-pressure football games. Footballers also commented that the pair uses a secure 360-degree Fly Knit top reinforced with a durable Nike Skin coating to withstand intense plays.

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 other side

Insanely light... you won't even feel it

Weighing 0.99 oz, football players mentioned that the Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 is super light that it almost feels like they aren't wearing any footwear at all. Many mentioned that this lightweight cleat helps them run faster to achieve their play and keep their focus on winning, without having to worry about the weight of their footwear.

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 laces

Surpass any defenders with Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360

Engineered for speed, several commented that these durable sticks function in a comprehensive layout which provides them excellent traction that helps make game-changing moves. Some also praised its lightweight feature, thin tongue, and widened studs gap on the outsole which helps in achieving quick cuts and explosive traction upon takeoff.

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 small logo

Great shoe for a great price

The Vapor Edge pack has the Elite and Pro versions, both are equipped with Nike's well-known innovations and shoe technologies such as Flyknit and the ghost lacing system. Even if it's not as propped up as its football cleat siblings, the majority of its owners commented that this pair surely does not fall short when it comes to performance.

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 outsole

Though not advanced, the techs that it uses are all proven and tested to do good on the gridiron.

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 back collar

Great fit but lacks ankle support

Athletes commented that a great fit has room for their feet to breathe and that the Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 delivered it well. For players who prefer a super tight fit, many find this shoe the perfect choice. 

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 collar

However, given its low-cut collar, several mentioned that this pair lacks the ankle support needed to secure their feet to prevent injury.

Feel the bounce and flexible support in every stride

Footballers mentioned that the Vapor Edge 360's plate and cleats are separated so it sits closer to your foot which allows for flexible support, and at the same time enhances flexibility, speed and change of direction. Many also appreciate the plastic shank located right beneath the insole which helps deliver the energy needed to propel them forward.

Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360 side

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 13.4oz
Collection: Nike Vapor Edge
Top: Low
Closure: Lace-up
Material: Textile/Mesh
Stud type: Molded
BRAND Brand: Nike

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