Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360: For quick offense

Nike starts a revolution among football cleats with the introduction of the Vapor Edge Pro 360. Though the technology has already been applied on soccer cleats, this shoe is the first one for Americal football that is equipped with a ghost lacing system. This tech streamlines the shoe, making it a lot more suitable for sprints and even kicks. Aside from this, this Nike football cleat also delivers the following:

Non-restrictive support. Instead of increasing the height of the Vapor Edge Pro 360's collar, Nike chooses to add an elastic cuff to contain the ankle without being too limiting.

Precise grip. The outsole is equipped with studs that are bigger and more widely spaced, making it  for the shoe to dig on grass.

Springy response. Below the comfortable insole is a plastic shank that helps catapult the football forward, going past defenders to go straight to the opponent's goal line.

Lightweight comfort. The upper is thin but without compromising sturdiness. It feels nice and snug, but never to the point of discomfort.

Distraction-free Vapor Edge Pro 360 from Nike

With the Vapor Edge Pro 360, it becomes apparent that Nike is at the forefront in removing distractions from the game. This football cleat's light and streamlined construction, hidden laces, and no-nonsense traction makes sure that footballers have their minds set only on winning. Check RunRepeat regularly so that you get this masterpiece only for the best price. 


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