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7 reasons to buy

  • A large number of testers find that Nike Vapor is a comfortable shoe. It allows golfers to walk around the whole day without experiencing pain. 
  • Several users claim that the water-resistant upper keeps the foot dry when playing in the morning dew. 
  • Numerous players recommend this product because it is value for money.
  • The spikes and the rubber outsole provide excellent ground grip, according to a handful of purchasers. 
  • Some of the golfers are satisfied with the stability that this cleated pair provides. It is pleasant to use when practicing driving and slicing all day. 
  • One person claims that this Nike golf shoe is extremely lightweight. 
  • An individual states that the upper of the shoe is easy to maintain. Simply wiping it takes the dirt away.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Few reviewers are bothered that this trainer produces a squeaky sound on every stem. One suspects that it is because of the shoe tongue rubbing against the lace cage. 
  • Numerous owners of this Nike shoe wish the cleats were replaceable. 
  • The upper material is a bit stiff for some of the users’ liking.

Bottom line

Classic yet functional best describes this Nike footwear. While its timeless look is what first captivates golfers into purchasing, looking into the shoe’s features is sufficient enough to draw it into continuous use. 

Grippy, stable, and most importantly, comfortable are only some of the features that this shoe possesses. Even though it comes with a few glitches, golfers continue to recommend this piece, given its affordable price tag.

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Good to know

The Nike Vapor is created with golf in mind. Each component of the shoe arms the golfer qualities to better his game. It also helps them overcome each of the challenges that are usually thrown on the course. 

Some of the highlights of the shoe are its hybrid outsole, EVA Fitsole Sockliner, and synthetic outsole.

The bottom of the shoe sports a revolutionary technology called the Integration Traction. It is unique to spikeless golf trainers because it amplifies the grip by having a design that resembles the weight transfer pattern of a golf swing. 

Built-in spikes are also placed on the outsole. However, the design of the cleats is not as aggressive as the usual spikes seen on regular golf shoes. The low-profile shape allows it not to compromise being close to the turf. 

The midsection of the Vapor utilizes an EVA Fitsole Sockliner. It is die-cut to improve cushioning and support. It is also complemented by a soft foam midsole, which generates a plush layer that breeds long-lasting comfort.

Synthetic leather makes up the upper of this Swoosh pair. Not only will it satisfy those that are gearing towards the protection of the environment, but it is water-resistant as well. It means that the Nike Vapor can withstand light moisture and morning dew. 

This particular model is also decorated with a lace-up closure. To inject additional durability on this trainer, the laces are incorporated with debossed eye stays.

One of the wonders of synthetic leather is that it remains to look as sleek as genuine leather. Despite looking minimal because of the simple styling, the overall design of the shoe remains stylish and premium. 

Because of the water-resistant upper, the Nike Vapor is ideal to be worn when the weather’s perfect. But, its versatile style illustrates that it pairs well with both shorts and trousers.

  • The slogan “All Day Comfort. Tee to Green” is embedded in the shoe’s insole. 


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