We spent 8.5 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

8 reasons to buy

  • The floral print of the upper fascinated customers with its unique design and fashionable style.
  • Users highly recommend the sneaker to other potential buyers for its cozy feel and outstanding look.
  • The sneaker provides superb comfort hidden within its lady-like image.
  • A handful of wearers experienced a perfect fit with the sneaker's sizing.
  • The floral design makes clothes stand out and is versatile enough to be partnered with many clothing options.
  • A purchaser would even buy more if the shoe model came in different colors.
  • With its aesthetics and adequate function, the sneaker boasts a reasonable price for its value.
  • One user mentioned that the sneaker looked precisely like the pictures.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Wearers who are looking for arch support in a shoe would be displeased with this edition of the Nike Tennis Classic as it contains no arch support and lies flat on the ground.
  • A reviewer was appalled that the shoe runs too narrow for her.

Bottom line

Giving flair to the already sophisticated Nike line, the Nike Tennis Classic Print projects a design that adequately fits women clothing. Without changing the original release's comfort and conformity, the floral print on the upper successfully complements different apparel from everyday clothes to smart casual.

Sporting the sneaker on a regular basis would not disappoint, giving the user a unique and fashionable look that leaves onlookers in awe.


The sneaker was exclusively produced for women as evident with its women inspired floral print. The shoe model runs in full sizes in medium width. Lace-up system for fastening is utilized for the shoe's enclosure, assuring the right snug users prefer.

The Nike Tennis Classic Print maintains the low top form of the original release but with a remodeled upper. Floral prints in a shade of black and white projects a chic style that suits very well during spring and summer but adding it to the winter clothing line-up would also look appropriate. The cupsole lays flat on the ground, which is suitable for everyday wear.

An improved cupsole for cushioning was applied on the sneaker's sole which has the herringbone pattern outsole of the Wimbledon. The floral pattern on its upper gives out a unique look for wearers. Another feature that deviates this model from other Nike Tennis Classics is that the upper's material is made from nylon. Adding glamour to the already adorable design was the blended Swoosh logo on its lateral and medial panels.

The legacy of Nike Tennis can be accounted with one of the silhouettes released during the 70s with the most apparent appellation yet: the Nike Wimbledon. The Nike Wimbledon was constructed in a blucher toe form, having open laces in a single-piece vamp, which was also prevalent with the Nike Blazer. It was released in 1975 but was made famous by John McEnroe when he won the championship match against Bjorn Borg in Wimbledon 1981.

The Wimbledon was an athlete staple for Nike's sponsored players during the time thus an upgrade was needed to maintain its class. Several tweaks and tinkers later, the old school sneaker was refurbished into a new version that was called the Nike Tennis Classic in the more recent years.

The Tennis Classic brings forth the same construction but with subtle changes in color, materials, and shape. This adjustment gave way to numerous introductions to different colorways that lasted for decades up to the present time.

Several colorways upheld the status of the Nike Tennis Classic including radical material acknowledgment on its upper. Materials from Flyleather to nylon were revealed to the public, diversifying the simple Tennis Classic silhouette.

One edition even included a floral print in a nylon upper with a leather tongue and was branded the Nike Tennis Classic Print. The sneaker was padded in the collar in a cupsole construction with the Nike Swoosh logo blending in with the lady-like design.

  • The sneaker has padded collars and linings which adds to the comfortable feel when worn.
  • The tongue and the heel tab was both made of leather.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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