Our verdict

The Nike Tanjun is comfortable, lightweight, and durable. I especially enjoyed how breathable it is and the heel hug that secures the lockdown even more! After proper testing this shoe, I believe it's a real bang for the buck.


  • Secure fit
  • Nice in-shoe feel
  • Like running on the clouds
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Matches many outfits


  • Tight toebox
  • Weird sole
  • Break-in period

Audience verdict


Why Nike Tanjun

I went to the Nike outlet looking for a reasonably priced new pair of running shoes. I decided to stick with Nike because I have had good luck with their shoes in the past. After spending an hour in the store, I walked out with the Nike Tanjun.

There are many things that I love about these shoes. One of these is the color! Despite the fact that there were not a lot of colors to choose from, Garnet is one of my favorites!

So, without further ado, let me get down to my review.

Tight toe box but with a purpose

When I first tried them on, I went with a size 7. I usually wear a 6.5, but in the past, I always had to go up a size when wearing a Nike shoe.

I walked around the store in them a little worried because they felt tight in the toe box, but fine everywhere else! So, I decided to try on a 7.5 just to see if the toe box still felt tight.

I could tell right away the size 7.5 were too big because the toe box was puffy and loose! I ended up purchasing the size 7.

I got them home, and I was extremely anxious to go for a run. But, I decided to wait until in the morning when my legs were fresh.

As soon as my eyes opened the next morning, I was out the door! Excited, however, I still had that concerned feeling about my toes feeling pinched!

After about ¼-mile, my fears were gone as it felt like the toe box loosened up significantly, which in turn provided enough breathability!

Not your typical sole

Another area of concern for me was the sole. Other Nike running shoes that I have tried have had a sole that is higher in some areas and flatter in others.

This sole, however, has more of a uniform look all over.

I’m a hugger, not a fighter

Ever feel like your running shoes are fighting a battle with your feet? Not so with these! The shoe is just awesome and feels like you are running with clouds on your feet!

The heel cup provides a “hug” for your heel. It’s not constricting or pinching, like a comfort measure built into the shoe.

The laces are the perfect length and not the type of slick nylon ones that come untied every ½ mile or so!