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11 reasons to buy

  • Most of the reviewers were satisfied with the supreme comfort that the Nike Sweet Classic Leather provided.
  • More than a handful of buyers would either have bought another color type of the shoe or had recommended it to others.
  • The shoe's fit exactly was what some of the users were expecting when it comes to sizing.
  • Although the shoe displays a simple silhouette, its durability appealed to some of the wearers and surprisingly stayed intact for a reasonable amount of time.
  • A handful of customers expressed their deep infatuation with the overall goodness of the shoe.
  • The Sweet Classic Leather was inspired by earlier Nike tennis models that combined vintage constructions with contemporary characteristics that exhibited a simple yet stylish look.
  • The shoe brand also coincides with jeans and a good variety of outfits which made it easier to use as beaters.
  • A couple of wearers praised the sneaker's sole for its superb grip and supple traction which supplies enough stability too.
  • One buyer commended the shoe's lightweight and even compared its heaviness among his collection.
  • The sneaker requires a short time to break in, according to a user.
  • With its basic image, the Nike Sweet Classic Leather packs an abundance of longevity and an adequate style that makes the shoe very reasonable when it comes to its price.

1 reasons not to buy

  • One reviewer commented on the shoe's flat sole and expressed his disappointment regarding the cushioning which did not provide enough arch support.

Bottom line

Giving in to the trend of restoring old schemes and outlines of tennis shoes, the Nike Sweet Classic Leather was the preferred shoe of users for their casual day-to-day interactions. Rendering a low profile image made it readily compatible with a myriad of clothing combinations and diverse scenarios from grocery shopping to office work. Its value for money is sure to be appropriate for the durability it offers.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Nike sneaker
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The shoe has a front lace fastening system that maintains the retro tennis classic silhouette's theme. Its padded collar and cushioned insole provide a secure fit for the wearer's feet. Ensuring an adequate fit with its D medium width, the Nike Sweet Classic Leather is released in a wide range of sizes from 7-13.

Due to its low top basic profile, the Nike Sweet Classic Leather diversifies its clothing combinations from jeans into shorts for men, while dresses and skirts are also adequate for women. Its reinvented tennis image stayed stylish outdoors and even indoors. Colorways are also available in numerous forms and constructions with some releases including perforations.

The sneaker design depends on the colorway. One prominent design for this shoe is a full-toned upper with its lateral Nike Swoosh paralleling the color of the midline in the midsole as well as the embroidered NIKE logo at the Achilles heel. The other models have a line at the bottom of the upper that complements the sneaker's dominant color.

Stitching at the upper was the same as the seams of the Nike Wimbledon with an angled stitch at the ankle overlapping the side swooshes on both panels. A small Swoosh can also be seen at the bottom of the heel encased in a colored box which in some cases the bold letter NIKE logo is printed.

In the world of tennis, monotonous colors in either clothes or shoes were the arbitrary rule that limited athletes to express themselves with different hues. It was prevalent in the 21st century and was the dynamo for athletic apparel companies to abide by the sport's rules.

Several companies released flat to the ground shoes with a dominant white upper to coincide with tennis pro's feet with minimal brandings and colors. Companies like Nike released its exclusive tennis shoe: the Wimbledon, which, by its name, commemorates the location of one of the biggest tennis championship cups worldwide.

The Wimbledon and several Nike tennis shoe models were the inspiration of the Nike Sweet Classic Leather. During the latter part of the 2000 decade, the said sneaker crept its way into normcore status with its visibility among everyday people that used the low top shoe in their daily routines.

This appreciation is the result of combining an upper with minimal overlays with a classic Nike stitching into a traditional spongy Phylon midsole. Iterations of the shoe differ in materials like canvas, suede and leather with a variety of colorways with perforations or just plain solid.

  • The collar and the tongue with a Nike logo are padded to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.
  • The outsole is constructed with a herringbone pattern that is split in two with a Nike logo positioned at the midfoot.
  • Utilized a classic Phylon midsole which is made from compressed EVA foams that is light but durable.
  • Several colorways with different hue patterns were released along with pairs of full tonal blacks and whites.
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