Nike SuperRep Go 2: A cross-functional training shoe

A second offering from the SuperRep Go lineage, this shoe took the feedback collected from its older sibling and turned it into updates and improvements.

The shoe highlights comfort, support, and functionality in a wide array of workouts. It is a training shoe best recommended for circuit-centric exercises and indoor sessions.

Strengths of the SuperRep Go 2

  • A breathable and pliable upper that shapes after the feet, preventing chafing and sweating
  • Responsive cushioning that provides support and makes dynamic moves feel effortless
  • 360-degree ribbing and outer arc design keeps the foot in place and prevents it from moving around
  • Outsole grooves offer flexibility for floor-based moves
  • Secure footing via the grippy outsole, which ensures you stay upright even on slippery surfaces

Nike SuperRep Go 2 vs. SuperRep Go

Below are the updates and similar features to know if you have to upgrade to the newer version or stay with your tested current SuperRep Go pair.


  • The new mesh upper offers more stretch across the front area of the shoe compared to the older version
  • Midfoot, collar, and tongue areas are more cushioned for optimal comfort
  • Additional outer layer wrap around the heel for improved stability and foothold


  • Minimal seams in the upper to prevent chafing and rubbing
  • Side arcs for support during side-to-side moves
  • Grippy rubber outsoles
  • Flexible construction for natural foot movement

Facts / Specs

Use: HIIT, Crossfit, Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Collection: Nike SuperRep
BRAND Brand: Nike
Toebox: Medium
Colorways: Black / White / Pink / Red
SKUs: CZ0604010 / CZ0604083 / CZ0604606 / CZ0612010 / CZ0612100 / CZ0612135 / CZ0612136 / CZ0612658 / DH2556091 / DH2728091

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