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10 reasons to buy

  • According to a high number of online reviewers, the Nike Shox NZ SE is a comfortable sneaker once broken in.
  • These kicks are perfect to wear for people who are on their feet all the time, said one reviewer.
  • The excellent heel and arch support make these sneakers suitable for most, even for those with flat arches, said several consumers.
  • Avid fans of the Nike Shox were not disappointed with these.
  • A few users noted that because the stitching is neat and intact and not merely glued in together, these sneakers are well-made.
  • These shoes are worth the investment made, according to a handful of reviewers.
  • One user noted that he feels energetic in these shoes because it gives the feeling of bouncing when running.
  • The fit of these sneakers contours the feet, making it more comfortable, said one tester.
  • These are excellent sneaker to use for the gym or for running, claimed by one buyer.
  • The Shox NZ SE has a sleek design and provides enough height, said a small amount of shoppers.

4 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of testers noted that these sneakers need breaking in.
  • The laces can be made of better quality, said by one buyer.
  • The toe room of these shoes is quite tight, said a few reviewers.
  • According to one user, the upper is not composed of a breathable material and makes the feet feel hot.

Bottom line

The long process of development of the Shox technology proved that it is worth the wait. The Nike Shox NZ SE is infused with this refreshing advancement, which, like the rest of the Shox range, provided heel support and shock absorption.

Avid users of the Nike Shox were not disappointed with this pair. On this note, those who are interested in experiencing the technology of these sneakers, and loyal Nike fans, can consider these.


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The Ghillie lacing system allows a more snug and locked down feel. It also decreases the weight placed on the forefoot, making these sneakers more comfortable. These sneakers are offered in medium width men's sizes.

The Nike Shox NZ SE is a low-top sneaker that is composed of one-piece synthetic leather and mesh. The Shox technology, which has a four column pillar, serves more than its function of a responsive feel but aesthetically as well. It gives a contemporary yet minimalist design that makes it adaptable not just on the court but street style as well.

One of the striking features of these sneakers is the Shox technology itself. The infamous 4 column pillars create a more responsive ride as it bounces on each step resulting in higher energy return. It is combined with a Phylon midsole, a heat-treated EVA, which leads to a lightweight, responsive, and low-profile.

The idea of developing a mechanical cushioning system started in 1984. The plan was to make a shoe that possesses a springy surface that optimizes energy return from this. After sixteen years of experimenting and formulating the right materials and techniques, Nike Shox was released in 2000.

The shoe was the first to offer an energy return system which propelled to current technologies like the Boost and Lunarlon. The advancement of Nike Shox helps enhance speed, stability, and shock absorption. It also effects into more efficient strides because of the heel protection and lightness of the shoe.

From its success, Nike continued to release different variations carrying this technology. One of which is the Nike Shox NZ SE, which is a lightweight sneaker composed of synthetic leather and mesh upper. It is a special edition model of the Nike Shox NZ.

  • The outsole is constituted of blown rubber outsole lugs that provide traction, comfort, and more responsiveness.
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