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8 reasons to buy

  • A lot of Nike Shox Avenue Leather owners loved the comfortable fit of the shoe.
  • Some buyers were impressed with the nice style of these kicks.
  • Most people said that the Nike Shox Avenue Leather runs true to size.
  • More than a couple of users said that it fits great.
  • The heel has Shox columns that provide a responsive shock absorption and cushioning. They keep the foot energized.
  • It features a textile lining for ventilation.
  • The collar and footbed are cushioned, further improving the comfort of the shoe.
  • The rubber outsole of the Nike Shox Avenue Leather is durable.

5 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of users complained that the Nike Shox Avenue Leather hurts around the ankle area.
  • The shoe is slightly expensive.
  • A handful of consumers found the shoe narrow. One of them—who owns the white and gray versions—mentioned that the gray colorway has this problem.
  • A reviewer was disappointed about the sole that wore after every use.
  • A buyer was annoyed at the squeaky sound that the shoe produces while walking.

Bottom line

For people who are looking for an overall comfortable and responsive shoe, the Nike Shox Avenue Leather is a good option. The application of the Shox technology gives the wearer additional support and a nimble ride. It has features that provide breathability and comfort. Potential buyers would have to spend some extra money as this model is a bit expensive.


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The Nike Shox Avenue Leather is a men’s shoe available in sizes 6.5 to 15. The shoe generally runs true to size. It features a finger design that embraces the midfoot for an excellent lockdown and support. The lace up closure lets the wearer have a snug fit. There is a plush comfort that comes from the cushioned footbed and collar.

The Nike Shox Avenue Leather has a stylish upper that can last for a long time. The columns in the heel absorb the impact of striking the pavement or any other hard ground. It embodies a classic Nike Shox look embellished with modern details.

Most consumers who bought the Nike Shox Avenue Leather were enthusiastic about the comfort of the shoe. It has both breathability and cushioning properties that bring the wearer comfort. It carries the Shox technology which, aside from functioning as a cushion, provides impact protection.

The Nike Shox Avenue Leather features the Shox technology—a four-column cushioning in the heel part. Based on the classic Nike Shox that has received love over the years, the model now comes with new touch ups. It carries the performance placed on running shoes. At the same time, it is something that can be worn in casual situations.

Nike’s Shox technology wasn’t just built to absorb impact. The idea behind the Shox’s springy support came from an observation by Nike designers back in 1984. They noticed that Harvard’s indoor track had a bouncy surface that absorbed the impact and returned the energy into the runner’s stride. The springy surface made the performance of the runner better. It also lessened the injuries experienced by athletes. The track was built after a thorough research which concluded that excessive cushioning of the track eats up energy while the lack of cushioning will not give leg muscles enough time to perform well.

Nike took notice of this study and instantly knew that it was something that can be applied to shoes. For more than 6 years, they tried it with steel springs. However, it failed at balancing the support and bounce correctly.  They experimented on foam pillar, afterward. They used an injection-moulded platform until they found the right combo: a TPU heel counter which supported four, hollow, PUR columns.

16 years after the conception of this idea, Nike finally released the Shox. It was launched during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Initially focusing on support and cushioning, Nike finally created their own energy return system for shoes. Eventually, the technology was applied to a variety of shoes, including the Nike Shox Avenue Leather.

  • The Nike Shox Avenue Leather combines hollow columns and a Pebax dispersion plate that gives the wearer a steady, responsive and smooth ride. They efficiently collapse towards the middle to manage foot impact and propel the foot. It’s a revolutionary cushioning system that gives a responsive ride.
  • The shoe includes a cushioned insole with also moderate padding in the ankle collar for comfort.
  • Very prominent Nike logo is found at the sides of the shoe.
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Danny McLoughlin

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