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The Swoosh brand supplied the Nike SF Air Force 1 Premium cleat with three types of lockdown from the shin to the vamp. One high collar and ankle strap customize the snugness above the ankle while cleat-type laces tighten the shoe around the shank. The SF Air Force 1 Premium by Nike comes in a size range starting from 6 to 15 which are all assembled in D medium width for men.

Going full military is one of the critical fashion statements for the Nike Air Force 1 SF’s. Like its predecessor, the Nike SF Air Force 1 High, this kick’s towering height also enlists itself as one of the go-to silhouettes for the winter. Of course, cold conditions would imply extreme weather outfits like thick trousers and coats. Though not visible, the Nike SF Air Force 1 Premium on feet contains a moccasin-inspired lining primarily for function, but it wouldn’t hurt to style it as well.

Basically, all Nike Special Field (SF) Air Force 1’s all look the same but what makes this premium version different is the moccasin lining. The uppers of these Nike men’s SF Air Force 1 High Premium cleats also showcase premium leather and fabrics.

Shoe companies have an unnerving urge to penetrate all kinds of enterprises and activities that a person can most probably slide their feet into. Primarily created to cater to sports athletes, the sneaker world has footwear interpretations that reach out even to outliers in the industry. One of these is the involvement of the human race into explorations of jungles and his engagement to military preparedness.

Uniquely designed to be lightweight but flexible and durable at the same time, the Nike SFB or Special Field Cleat was inspired by Bill Bowerman's involvement during the 2nd World War. Bowerman, the other half of the founding fathers of Nike, was a member of the 10th Mountain Division that was deployed during the latter part of WWII in the Apennine Mountains of Italy. Honoring the Nike creator's legacy, Nike Innovation Kitchen with its innovation director Tobie Hatfield conspired to create a utility cleat for the elite military personnel that was first introduced to the public in 2009.

A collaboration of the Special Field Cleat took place in 2016 when the high-performance silhouette was combined into the workings of the highest-grossing sneaker in the whole world: the Nike Air Force 1. The unification of both models spawned the Nike SF Air Force 1, a version that maintained the SFB's top length but instigates elements from the 1982 classic.

The new and improved Nike SF Air Force 1 Premium contains pull loops at its heel so that users can easily slip on their feet with an aid. Its high-top Ballistic Nylon shank is also supported by a strap that can be clipped on for a tighter ankle fit. The Nike SF Air Force 1 High Premium preserved Nike's inheritance of high-quality materials in a military cleat while harnessing winterized elements for all-year wear.

  • The Premium Nike SF Air Force 1 has a price of $200 at retail.
  • Lightweight cushioning is provided by the hidden Air-sole unit on the heel.
  • The rubber outsole with vintage basketball-inspired tread offers superb traction.
  • Other editions of the sneaker, aside from the black, also come in brown hues.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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