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8 reasons to buy

  • For numerous users, the Nike SB Zoom Paul Rodriguez Ten stays true to the legacy of P.Rod’s sneaker legacy - true comfort and superb cushioning. 
  • This model carries premium materials that enhance the overall comfort, many reviewers have said. 
  • The silhouette boasts a sleek and low profile sneaker with and a high-traction cupsole that enhances the board feel for skaters.
  • The overlay at the front of the skater shoe, resembling that of the Nike Dunks and Air Force 1s, adequately protects the toe area, a few thrashers have said.
  • The installation of a Zoom Air is highly commended by some users as it aids them to perform high impact tricks.
  • The shoe with its modern dress shoe image and high function as skate footwear is an excellent product overall, others have noted.
  • A buyer loves the shoe so much that he has ordered another pair in another colorway.
  • Borrowing hints from coveted Nike shoes, the P-Rod X displays a beautiful silhouette that can be sported with casual and semi-formal clothes.

2 reasons not to buy

  • For a couple of reviewers, the Nike SB Zoom Paul Rod Ten runs a little bit narrow.
  • One user has experienced leaking of colors in his red colorway which taints the white midsole red in just a few days of wearing during summer.

Bottom line

Going back to the basics, the Nike SB Paul Rodriguez Ten harnesses a low profile sneaker with exquisite hints of contemporary style. Brilliantly choosing suede and leather for its upper, Nike had improved the 2017 release of the latest P-Rod skate shoe regarding durability in a stylish image.

Aside from the outer materials, the Zoom Air Heel is also enhanced for maximum cushioning and lightweight impact protection. Behind the master silhouette that can be mistaken for business wear, is a high-performance sneaker that took a decade in the making.


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Fastening the shoe is accommodated by the durable waxed laces for a snug fit. The partial inner sleeve construction hugs the feet. This is supported by the elastic bands attached to the tongue which also holds it in place. Cushioning is provided by the cupsole with a Zoom Air in the heel which is 33% bigger than the previous P-Rod model.

For non-skate fans, the sneaker can be conveniently partnered with everyday clothes as well as a business casual look due to its back-to-the-basics image that replicates modern-day shoes. Its low profile appearance is perfect for jeans and khakis depending on the sneaker's colorway.

In some colorways, the Zoom Air heel's color matches the upper's hue. The released color variations include white, dark team red, black with the white midsole, and tonal black.

A suede overlay giving homage to the Nike Dunk can be seen at the toe cap which extends up to the mid shank. The upper is divided into two parts resembling a yin-yang: leather covers the heel up to the vamp laces, and suede wraps the toe part of the foot.

An ergonomic Zoom Air heel displays a colored outsole which color deviates from the full cupsole. A smaller embroidered Nike Swoosh logo is placed at the laterals. A tonal single flapped heel tab also sports the Nike SB branding. The tongue patch has a Rodriguez Nike SB print on it.

It was a rough start for Nike to penetrate the skating universe at first. Attempting to introduce models adequate for skating started during the late 90s that continued up to the early 2000s when they released the SkateBoarding version of the Nike Dunk. Sales for the Dunk were non-compensating at first and was never heard of until the time they brought rebel superstars into the game.

Paul Rodriguez Jr.'s inclination for skating started when he received a skateboard Christmas present when he was 12 years old. From then on he continued to practice at the dock of Albertsons every day until he mastered his flicks and drops.

Envisioned as one of the rising stars to ever ride a board, Paul was rostered in different skate and board shops which ended up having signed for a shoe brand with Nike in 2005. Nike followed Paul's departure from the footwear company eS and saw Paul as a role model has a promising career winning gold medals for the X games since 2004.

P-Rod's journey with Nike didn’t stop there. For more than a decade, the collaboration between the two had produced ten versions of Rodriguez' skate shoe which were only upheld by a handful of athletes in the world. This elite circle was composed of Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and of course, Michael Jordan, which possesses more than ten signature models.

The Nike SB Zoom Paul Rodriguez Ten displays a simple, minimalistic design in a low top suede-leather upper for flexible movement. Though basic in its design, its elements harness supreme durability and boardfeel which also has high impact protection attributed to the Zoom Air positioned at the heel. A strategic Nike Dunk overlay at the toe covers the constant stress areas made by ollies and flips which adds to the essential character of the skating apparel.

  • A limited edition release in premium leather initially introduced the model to the public in June 2017 but was only available in ten pairs for both colorways: Velvet brown with a gum sole and Redwood with black sole.
  • The outsole of the sneaker exhibits two meticulous concentric circle patterns at the heel, and the ball created especially for high traction skate maneuvers.
  • University students and US Colleges can acquire the discount provided by the sneaker.
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