Who should buy the Nike SB Shane

SB Shane is the first-ever signature kick of an Australian skater Shane O'Neil's created by Nike. The shoe's overall engineering and details reflect Shane's mastery in the skateboarding scene. It can be a great pick for you if:

  • you want a comfortable option for both skateboarding and casual wear
  • you need a well-made, durable option for tricks
  • you are after a clean and smart-looking silhouette that would look trendy on the streets

Nike SB Shane buy

Who should not buy the shoe

The Nike SB Shane is not the best sneaker for skaters with broad feet. If your tootsies fall on the bulkier side, you might be better off sporting skate shoes that come in Wide, including Vans ComfyCush Old Skool and Adidas Matchbreak Super.

Nike SB Shane is comfy!

According to numerous reviewers, the Nike SB Shane is very comfortable straight from the box. Even for those who felt the need for a break-in, it went "incredibly fast."

Someone who wears the shoe for long hours at work happily reports that their feet weren't aching by the end of the shift. Another reviewer mentioned that it has an "extremely comfortable feeling" when it comes to inner construction. Even an avid skater calls it one of the most comfortable shoes he's ever worn and that he"couldn't get them off [his] feet whether [he] was skateboarding or not."

Nike SB Shane comfy

A few reviewers also mentioned that the SB Shane is more comfortable than Vans.

Beautiful aesthetics of the SB Shane

Nearly all of the reviewers admire the shoe's simple and straightforward style. They consider it a perfect dress casual option as well as a "classic, comfortable but not overly sporty" pair. It also shares a visual appeal with the Janoski silhouette.

Nike SB Shane style

"They are FIRE," exclaims a reviewer. Others agree that the shoe has a fantastic color palette which makes it stand out. At the same time, an expert notes that it's not too thick or flamboyant either which makes it quite versatile in terms of styling.

To cut it short, be prepared to receive plenty of compliments if you choose to don a pair of these.

One of the best for skateboarding

"Won't change my skate shoe until you discontinue it," claims someone who goes skateboarding 5-7 days a week. More than a few other users have claimed it as one of the best they've skated in. As one of them says, it is "so close to being a perfect shoe" and "phenomenal to skate" that you won't be disappointed.

The board feel on the SB Shane received special attention from the testers. You can expect tons of it thanks to the fairly thin insole and midsole as well as the shoe's moderate flexibility.

As for the flick, it's described as "unbelievable" by one of the experts. "All of my kickflips, my 360 flips, every flick trick felt really good," he says.

Remarkably sticky grip of the SB Shane

The outsole is extremely grippy, according to hardcore skaters. The main culprit here is the classic herringbone pattern. As an experienced skater shares, this Nike shoe proved to have amazing grip throughout the 10-hour wear test.

Nike SB Shane grip

It is tight-fitting...

The majority of testers find the Nike SB Shane tight-fitting:

  • "really tight near the ball of the foot"
  • "loosening the laces doesn't help"

Because of that, they recommended going half a size up in this pair. However, that still may not fix the problem for wide-footers.

As for those with narrow-to-average feet, the shoe felt just fine or a tad tight, something that could be dealt with: "after skating it for a day, it was a perfect fit."

...but the lockdown is second to none!

The shoe's snug fit paired with a highly effective lacing system works wonders in keeping your foot in place. "You don't feel like you're swimming in the shoe," reports a reviewer.

As long as the shoe is not tight on you, it fits very close to the foot, according to the testers. "Everything is held together by tongue-centering straps," adds one of them. All of this comes in super handy when you start doing flip tricks and hard landings. There is no way for the heel to slip out of the shoe.

Nike SB Shane break

A few people did have complaints about the lack of padding around the collar which made the sides of the shoe a bit "floppy."

Nike SB Shane tight

Premium quality shoe that lasts

Skaters agree that the materials on this Nike skate shoe are premium and "on point." They have spent between 10 and 40 hours of skate time to really test out the shoe's capacities. Here is what they have to say:

  • "these just didn't want to rip!"
  • "it took me a month to just get a hole in these!"
  • "did not show any signs of ripped seams"
  • "lasted longer than the Janoski, really impressed"

They emphasized that the toebox is highly reinforced and can withstand months of abuse. Its vulcanized construction is also double layered which means that if you wear through the first layer, there’s another one underneath.

Nike SB Shane bump

The unique extra eyelets on the sides are also not only there for looks. According to the skaters, this design helps to shield the laces from abrasion. In the words of an experienced reviewer, "it hides the place where [you] normally rip shoelaces." He also thinks that "all skate shoes should have a design like that."

Not without its downsides

The collar and tongue are not as well-padded as some of the reviewers had wished. One of them says that it makes the sidewalls more floppy and less supportive. Another reports that it makes this area more prone to wear and tear.

Nike SB Shane supportive

Nike SB Shane lacks breathability

A few people complained about the lack of proper ventilation in the SB Shane. "After skating, those who get sweaty feet easily will find it hard to keep the shoes on." Another problem is that the sweat gets absorbed into the suede, causing marks and degradation.

Facts / Specs

Style: Sporty, Minimalist
Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collaboration: Shane O'Neil
Collection: Nike Sb, Nike Zoom Air
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Canvas, Gum Sole, Nubuck, EVA, Vulc Sole / Fabric

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