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7 reasons to buy

  • Tons of board feel: Skaters are off the moon as they get to control their boards accurately with the Nike SB Bruin React.
  • Cushy insole: The drop-in insole provides a more squishy feel and softness than the SB Zoom Bruin.
  • Cozy: It is a tried-and-tested all-day sneaker as it gives out homey strides.
  • Clean charm: Buyers are drawn to the SB Bruin React’s dapper, uncluttered style. 
  • Breathable: Nike used airy nylon fabric on the midfoot to keep the feet cool.
  • Supportive: This sneaker feels like the Nike SB Bruin High, for it hugs the foot intuitively.
  • Solid build: Thrashers love that after several usages, there were no ollie holes and kickflip rips.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Shabby laces: Although the upper is durable, this pair has flimsy lace. Some suggested that Nike must add another pair of laces as a reserve.
  • Fairly narrow: The SB Bruin React might feel a bit tight for some, especially on the pinky area. If you have wide feet, this sneaker might not work for you.
  • Poor grip: Only a few criticize the rubber sole that does not stick to the board pretty well.

Bottom line

The Nike React SB Bruin ticks all the boxes in the list of dependable beaters. It has the durability of traditional skate shoes with the easy-to-style flair of modern sneakers. Comfort-wise, it is on a par with other React-infused kicks, without the need to go on a spending spree. Overall, the SB Bruin React is a practical pair to rock on a day-to-day basis.

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The Nike SB Bruin React: Retooled classic silhouette

The Nike SB Bruin silhouette history can be traced back to the 70s when it was initially designed for the hardcourts. In the 2000s, the brand retooled the Bruin with a suede upper and vulcanized cupsole to fit the Thrasher’s world. Nike then introduced the Nike SB Bruin React, which was molded from Nike SB Zoom Bruin.

Nike SB Bruin React vs Nike SB Zoom Bruin

While these sneakers look almost similar, Nike revamped a few details to make them distinct:

  • Upper. While the Nike SB Zoom Bruin is dressed with a full suede upper, the React version of Nike SB Bruin is covered with ripstop nylon on the midfoot and suede/leather on the forefoot. 
  • Swoosh. The sizes of the swoosh used in these kicks create a plain view difference. The Zoom-soled Bruin has a small Swoosh, while the React-soled Bruin has an enlarged size that overflows to the midsole. 
  • Midsole. The Nike SB Zoom Bruin is tooled with the Zoom midsole, while the Nike SB Bruin React has the springy React cushioning.

React vs Zoom Air: What makes these technologies different?

These modern technologies provide springy cushioning and a comfortable ride to their wearers and only differ in the material used. The Nike Zoom uses pressurized air and fiber that snaps back during impact. Meanwhile, the Nike React uses a single-piece foam cushioning that springs back quickly to its original form when it has undergone pressure.


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