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The hybrid low top model employs enough padding at the collar and tongue which matches the leather upper. An Injected-Unit midsole provides ample cushioning which also doubles as an outsole. Men can avail a pair starting from size 6 to size 12 all constructed with D medium widths.

The Roshe's sole is given its rightful cape-crusader themed leather upper complete with Tiempo detailing from the toe to the heel. Going smart casual with these sophisticated low tops is probably the best idea on how to sport it. Slacks, chinos, and dark-toned pants project a formal image that best accentuates the legacy of the sneaker.

The more prominent colorway of Black-Team Red flaunts exceptional details like the asymmetrical tinting of the Swoosh logos with the lateral being black while the medial bearing gold accents. Criss-cross trademarks surround its leather upper while the IU midsole-outsole features the classic Roshe tooling.

Discussing the background of the Nike Roshe Tiempo VI FC would take us back to the first Nike Swoosh embellished on a shoe. It was a soccer cleat that the Swoosh decided to reign its glory on. Released in 1971, the first Nike soccer cleat was fairly noticed by the public at the time which resorted to Nike diverting their efforts on another silhouette that would remain an icon forever. Yes, of course, it was the Nike Cortez.

After a few decades, Nike attempted to raise the soccer pedestal again by dressing up ten of the athletes in the 1994 FIFA World Cup with the Nike Tiempo Premier cleats. After the glorious display in the said world cup, the Tiempo became a staple in the soccer field for the following years to come.

Fast forward to 2012, the Roshe Run, despite its polarizing reception, garnered impressive sales. The minimalist runner takes cues from the stepping stones on Zen gardens for its outsole tooling complete with simple textile uppers. Its name was hailed from Zen Buddhist masters who were initially called Roshi. Nike had to redo the title because of legality reasons.

The malleable silhouette of the Roshe Run was dipped in numerous colorways through time and was even seen in several iconic collaborations. The Oregon shoemaker also leveled it up a notch by infusing a soccer cleat design like the Nike Tiempo into the body of the Roshe resulting in a merger entitled Nike Roshe Tiempo VI FC. It was a fusion of two timeless models which generously features each shoe's distinctive elements like the shape coming from the Roshe while the upper design from the Tiempo.

  • Two prominent colorways released are the Black-Team Red and the Blue Fox.
  • A debossed Nubuck overlay wraps around the heel to the medial part of the vamp.
  • Nike brandings can be seen at the heel, tongue, outsole, and foam insole.
  • The sneaker was initially priced at $140.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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