We spent 6.4 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

10 reasons to buy

  • An overwhelming majority of reviewers agree that the Nike Roshe One Winter is very comfortable.
  • The shoe provides adequate support that a few have used it for working out and running.
  • Some purchasers said that the pair is good value for money.
  • Most of the wearers find this kick to be very stylish.
  • A handful of shoe users were delighted that they receive compliments when they wear it out and about.
  • The Nike Roshe One Winter is available in various colorways.
  • A more significant number of consumers said that the shoe runs true to size.
  • The pair's construction and materials are of excellent quality, based on a few commenters' opinions.
  • It is an ideal kick for the winter season, according to a number of
  • The Nike Roshe One Winter is lightweight.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few consumers have conflicted opinions on the shoe's sizing. 
  • One video reviewer said the pair's materials get dirty quickly.

Bottom line

The Nike Roshe One Winter is an icon upgraded especially for the winter season. Nike utilizes thicker materials like suede, wool, and fleece to keep the feet warm efficiently.

It retains its well-loved minimal silhouette that now comes in prints inspired by the festivities of the cold season. If you are a Roshe fan who refuses to stop using it during the chilly season and would like a warmer version of it, then the Nike Roshe One Winter is a definite must cop.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Nike sneaker
It has never been more popular than this June

The Nike Roshe One Winter comes in 2 varieties, the Winter Yeti and the Winter Sweater. They are men's exclusive and women's exclusive, respectively. The gentlemen can choose the Winter Yeti in different sizes from 6 to 15, while the ladies can pick the Winter Sweater in sizes 5 to 15.

Upgraded into a more cozy and festive upper, the Nike Roshe One Winter is the perfect go-to pair for the winter season. Stay comfy, warm, and full of holiday spirit when you opt for this kick. Layer up your stylish cold weather gear as you top your outfit off with the fun Nike Roshe One Winter.

The Roshe One now comes coated for winter with its upper crafted from a combination of fleece, suede, and wool. The shoe retains its Solarsoft sockliner for added comfort and cushioning. Pull-tabs are placed on both the pair's tongue and heel as an aid in putting it on.

First released in 2012, the Nike Roshe Run started out as a task given to its designer Dylan Raasch. Dylan was asked to design a shoe that would retail at $70, so he thought of what a shoe worth $70 should have on offer. Raasch then thought of stripping away the unnecessary, and his meditation practice and monks came to light as, according to him, they are the epitome of simplicity and minimalism.

These characteristics are undeniably present in the Nike Roshe Run. It was said that the shoe underwent 16 alterations in its midsole alone before settling for the design. Moreover, the stepping-stones that are used in gardens inspired the shoe's outsole design.

The "Roshe" in the shoe's name was derived from the word Rōshi, a title devoted to Zen Buddhist Masters. For legal reasons the ‘i' has to be changed to ‘e,' but pronunciation stays the same. Staying authentic with its inspiration and simplistic roots, the Roshe Run was launched without any type of promotional campaigns: no press release or endorsements. Instead, Nike let the shoe speak for itself.

From the beginning, the Roshe Run became very successful and popular among sneaker fans and non-sneaker fans alike due to its simplicity, affordability, comfort, and endless colorway options. The massive demand for the shoe inevitably led to the range's rapid growth.

One of these iterations is the Nike Roshe One Winter. It is precisely created to adapt to colder weather. The upper is constructed from thicker materials like suede, wool, and fleece. This kick features a printed midfoot section that is inspired by the cold season.

The shoe comes in two variations: the Winter Yeti and the Winter Sweater. The Winter Yeti is a men's exclusive release and features a snowflake print on its midfoot with a Yeti embroidered on its heel, while the Winter Sweater is a women's exclusive and is inspired by après-ski sweaters.

  • The Winter Yeti is available at D – Medium width while the Winter Sweater is available at B – Medium width.
  • The insoles are removable.
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