Who should buy the Nike Renew Retaliation TR 3

We recommend the Renew Retaliation 3 to enthusiasts who:

  • have narrow to normal-sized feet
  • are on a budget
  • just follow lighter workout programs

Nike Renew Retaliation TR 3 Buy

Who should NOT buy the Nike Renew Retaliation TR 3

This budget shoe from Nike's arsenal is definitely not for those who lift heavy, especially if it already goes beyond around 250 lbs. They are better off with actual weightlifting shoes from Nike or other brands.

Nike Renew Retaliation TR 3 Not buy

Wide-footers are also enjoined to look for something else.

The Renew Retaliation TR 3 has a lightweight construction

The light materials that make up the shoe created a comfortable fit. The feet didn't hurt even after prolonged use.

Nike Renew Retaliation TR 3 Narrow

The midole was definitely springy

The Nike Renew Retaliation TR 3 is equipped with the Nike Renew midsole, which provided a perfect blend of response and impact protection. This made the shoe suitable for HIIT and other agility workouts. Plyometrics get supported as well.

Nike Renew Retaliation TR 3 Renew

The Nike Renew Retaliation 3's forefoot felt narrow

To achieve a snug fit, the width of the forefoot is reduced. While this strenghthened the shoe's support capacities, this may have also alienated the wide-footers.

Nike Renew Retaliation TR 3 Lightweight

Facts / Specs

Weight: 10oz
Drop: 4mm
Use: HIIT, Weightlifting, Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Release date: Oct 2021
Features: Lightweight / Low drop
Collection: Nike Renew, Nike Renew Retaliate

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