Our verdict


The Nike Renew Elevate offers a surprisingly high level of performance for its budget-friendly price tag. The shoe is really light and nimble on the foot, offering lots of ground feel. It may not have the best cushioning and impact protection, but it is a solid option for beginner players and those who don't want to spend much on a pair of basketball shoes.


  • Super grippy on clean courts
  • Very lightweight
  • Good court feel
  • Stable platform
  • Durable for outdoors
  • Secure fit
  • Great performance for the price


  • Collects dust, needs wiping
  • Firm cushioning
  • Cheap materials

Who should buy the Nike Renew Elevate

As a budget shoe, the Renew Elevate is going to be appreciated by buyers with limited budgets. Aside from the affordable price, this basketball shoe from Nike will also suit the following:

  • Guards who love a lot of court feel
  • Players who also want to wear their basketball shoes casually
  • Hoopers who play outdoors

Nike Renew Elevate renew elevate buy

Who should NOT buy this budget shoe

This budget-friendly basketball shoe is not going to be the best bet for those who need a lot of impact protection and bounce in their cushioning. If that's your number one priority, it's better to opt for the more expensive Nike PG 6 or consider shoes from other brands like the Under Armour Spawn 4.

Nike Renew Elevate renew elevate not buy

Outsole delivers all the traction you need

According to the playtesters, the grip offered by the Nike Renew Elevate is rather reliable, especially on clean courts. It is a "stop on a dime" sort of traction, an expert reviewer reports. Another one agrees that "the actual stop is really good" and that he had no issues sliding out.

Nike Renew Elevate renew elevate outsole

However, the reviewers urge future buyers to stay away from dusty courts as the dust does get stuck in between the grooves. This will require consistent wiping throughout the game.

Impact protection? The Renew Elevate doesn't offer much of that

The Renew midsole of this Nike budget shoe is quite firm, so the court feel is definitely there. Impact protection, however, was lacking for most playtesters. This is not to say that it's absent but it's mostly concentrated in the heel, leaving the forefoot feel pretty "dead" according to one player.

Nike Renew Elevate renew elevate firm midsole

The good news is that the foam is still a little bouncier than Nike's standard Phylon. However, it's not the same React foam as in the KD Trey 5 and bottoms out pretty quickly.

The Renew Elevate feels nice and light

The shoe's low-profile construction and a ton of ground feel make the perfect recipe for speedy footwork. Here is what the basketball players say about the Renew Elevate:

  • "you feel quick and responsive"
  • "feels incredibly light and minimal"

Nike Renew Elevate renew elevate light

This Nike shoe also won't weigh you down either. At 10.6 oz (301 g) per shoe, it is 20% lighter than the average 13.3 oz (377 g).

It makes you feel surefooted too

Stability is another strong point of this Nike shoe. It's got a nice flat and wide base with an outrigger which will keep you supported laterally at all times. The reviewers also highlight the extended rubber and foam pieces which create sidewalls around the foot, helping to keep it in place.

Nike Renew Elevate renew elevate style

In addition, the large Swoosh on the lateral side “cages you in” when it comes to fast, shifty movements side-to-side.

A budget-friendly shoe with impressive durability

"Can’t complain for that price," says an expert referring to the shoe's asking price of $80. For reference, the average price of basketball shoes in the market is $134 and for Nike, it's $135. Another reviewer agrees, saying that the Renew Elevate really "performs like a beast for the price."

The shoe is indeed so resistant to abrasion that it's even OK to use it outdoors, based on the general users' feedback.

Nike Renew Elevate renew elevate durable

A player who often wears the Renew Elevate on outdoor courts reports that it "doesn’t even look like there is any type of wear or tear." Nothing is ripping or tearing off from the shoe.

Materials are somewhat cheap but do the job

In the words of a playtester, the upper mesh is "definitely budget feeling." He also mentioned the tongue being too thin and the collar not padded enough.

And yet, the material seems to play its role just fine. None of the reviewers had any pinching, scuffing, or other annoying sensations from the upper.

Nike Renew Elevate upper

The Nike Renew Elevate is also able to deliver a secure, glove-like fit. It prevents the foot from shifting inside the shoe. None of the wearers had a problem with heel slippage either. 

Fashion or function? Just take both

You surely won't mind wearing these shoes every day because they are as stylish as they are effective on the court. It is available in at least five appealing colorways to choose from.