Our verdict


Through its extra cushioning, responsiveness, and long-lasting ability, the Nike React Metcon earned the praises of many in the fitness community. Moreover, experts agree that the Flyknit upper helps the shoe be more in tune with the foot. On the contrary, some see its price to be a bit steep. But still, it has made its way to the top picks on the CrossFit shoe market for the many remarkable qualities it has.


  • Balanced cushioning and stability
  • Great ground feedback
  • Durable
  • Excellent rope protection
  • Snug upper
  • Laceless closure


  • Pricey
  • Unapppealing design

Who should buy the Nike React Metcon

This footwear by Nike is a combination of responsiveness and stability in one shoe and the first in the Metcon line to have utilized the Nike React technology. It is a solid choice if:

  • Your fitness routine involves a lot of jumps, and you need a trainer that provides not only stability but enough foot protection through its generous cushioning. 
  • You prefer a shoe for your rope climbing activities that help wearers ascend the ropes with less trouble and is resistant against abrasions. 
  • You want the convenience of just sliding in the shoe without the need to tie laces. 
  • You are looking for a pair with enough flexibility and lightness as you go about your speed training, lunges, and burpees.  

Nike React Metcon Logo Nike

Rock-solid platform

Because the shoe uses the exact same outsole design as its predecessor, you can expect an equal level of stability, traction, and durability. Its sticky rubber and flat construction keep the foot glued to the ground during squats and deadlifts. Meanwhile, the flexible forefoot accommodates jumps, runs, lunges, and other exercises.   

Nike React Metcon Outsole Front2 

Protection against the rope

Tearing the footwear apart on rope climbs will be the least of your worries with the rubber side panels. These are made of resilient material to guard the shoe upon descent. Its aggressive lugs bite the rope as you climb up.

Nike React Metcon Outsole Rope

The first Nike React for training

If you are familiar with the bouncy feel of Nike React running shoes, you may be surprised at the firmness of this particular React. This is a CrossFit shoe, so this rigidity actually provides the stability that lifters need. The foam also delivers reliable spring-back once you get to jumps and sprints.

Nike React Metcon Midsole2

Forged Flyknit

This is not the first cross-trainer from Nike that uses Flyknit. However, the React Metcon footwear is one of the few that uses a one-piece, sock-like Flyknit upper.

Nike React Metcon Upper2

There are no laces, straps, or Flywires typically found in other Metcons. Instead, the upper moves smoothly with the sole. On the medial side, the Flyknit is covered with melted polyurethane. This shiny layer is well-appreciated because of its role in resisting wear and tear.

Nike React Metcon Speed Lacing1

The Nike React Metcon's quick-fit mechanism

For those who can’t stand fiddling with the laces, the Metcon React offers a solution: bungee laces. Another untypical feature in CrossFit shoes, this easily adjustable mechanism is well-loved because it allows quick fit regulations on the go.

Nike React Metcon Speed Lacing3