Who should buy the Nike Presto Fly

Staying true to its heritage, the Nike Presto Fly retains its popular no-frills design and signature sleek silhouette. It's for you if:

  • Your simple attire consists of a T-shirt and shorts, accessorized with a cap.
  • Sneakers that can leave your friends in a cloud of dust are what you need.
  • You're looking for affordable Nike shoes, especially those that come in fun colorways.

Nike Presto Fly buy

Who should not buy it

If you are a huge fan of Nike's Air Technology, look in the direction of the Nike Air Max 270 instead. Also, check out the Nike React Presto if you need something with a more relaxed opening.

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The Nike Presto Fly's airy comfort

An overwhelming majority of Nike Presto Fly reviewers say that it is a very comfortable shoe. They say that the sneaker's high breathability is among the main contributors in this regard. 

Nike Presto Fly comfor

Moves with you

The Presto Fly's extraordinary flexibility makes faster and more daring strides quite possible. 

Nike Presto Fly flex

The gait-preserving Presto Fly

Verified purchasers appreciate the enduring arch support of this Nike kick.

Nike Presto Fly arch

Narrow collar

Consumers say that the Nike Presto Fly's small opening makes the shoe hard to put on.

Nike Presto Fly narrow

Presto Fly: An Air-Tech-less Nike offering

Long-time Presto fans are bummed that this model doesn't have the Air Tech unit as the previous releases.

Nike Presto Fly air tech

Fantastic closure

This pair's Flywire lacing system is adored by a good number of shoe users as it efficiently keeps their feet in place.

Nike Presto Fly close

Steps without restrictions

Consumers are over the moon about the Presto Fly's lightness.

Nike Presto Fly light

Straightforward yet classy

Customers in droves find this pair easy to style. They link this quality to the shoe's minimalist design.

Nike Presto Fly classic

The Nike Presto Fly is available in multiple exciting colorways. This compelled some sneakerheads to buy more pairs in different hues.

Nike Presto Fly colored

The origin of the Nike Presto Fly

Nike introduced their new running shoe called the Presto in the year 2000 and was first seen publicly during the Sydney Olympics of the same year. It was marketed as the "T-shirt for your feet" as it featured a fabric upper that offers flexibility and a sock-like fit. It was regarded as the pioneering act and model for the timeless "barefoot" craze.

Since its initial release, the Presto has been reinterpreted many times in a steady stream of releases. Although it is less popular today, it gained a loyal following for its classic design, comfort, and pioneer status.

One of the Presto's reinterpretations is the Nike Presto Fly, which ditched the TPU lace cage in place of a concealed Flywire lacing system. Its upper is also made of an upgraded version mesh, which is more durable than before. Although not as ubiquitous as its predecessor, the Nike Air Presto Fly is still seen gracing the feet of celebrities such as John Wall, Conor McGregor, and Julianne Hough.

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