Who should buy the Nike Premier Firm Ground

This Nike cleat is a good match for you if:

  • You are after a football shoe with excellent ball touch
  • You want a shoe with a TPU-based material sole that offers firm traction

Nike Premier Firm Ground logo

Features of the Nike Premier Firm Ground

Nike Premier Firm Ground midsole

  • Competing with Adidas Copa Mundial, Nike Premier had a lot to prove. Thankfully, fans attested it did not disappoint as it stepped up to the plate quite nicely when it comes to its features.
  • Sporting a combination of goatskin leather upper and a kangaroo leather vamp, this fusion of materials brings a soft and buttery feel to its wearers. This, in turn, brings a comfortable ride for players on the pitch. A central lacing system integrated into a burrito-style tongue is in line with the cleat’s retro look.
  • A Thermo Polyurethane (TPU) soleplate is accented in the construction of this soccer cleat’s outsole. An element commonly found in soccer cleats, it is ideal for soccer as it is lightweight and brings excellent traction for firm ground courts. The stud configuration includes a total of twelve conical studs with a bladed stud in the center of the shoe, providing underfoot ball control.

Nike Premier Firm Ground laces

Fit and size

The Nike Premier soccer cleat brings a soft and snug fit with the balance of two types of natural leather. The goat leather upper brings a supple sensation while the kangaroo leather optimizes foot-hugging comfort.

Nike Premier Firm Ground outsole

The shoe is available in men’s standard sizes ranging from 4 to 14. Similar to the Nike Premier II FG model, a central lacing system integrated into the soccer cleat’s tongue serves to further the fit.

Nike Premier Firm Ground toebox

This fit customization system is also integrated into popular soccer shoe models including the Adidas Mundial Goal and the Adidas Samba Classic.


This model’s soleplate is created out of a TPU-based material. Ideal for soccer cleats, it provides its wearers with traction on firm ground courts.

Nike Premier Firm Ground heel

Furthermore, the studs configuration is a combination of twelve conical studs and a bladed stud in the center. This central stud optimizes underfoot ball control.


A combination of materials makes up the upper of the Nike Premier soccer cleat. While the primary element of the shoe is created with goat leather, the vamp is constructed with kangaroo leather which is a much-coveted soccer shoe element.

Nike Premier Firm Ground upper

Both of these types of leather bring certain benefits for their wearers. The goat leather material is soft and supple while wrapping the player’s foot. Furthermore, the vamp is created out of a kangaroo leather material.

Nike Premier Firm Ground collar

This element is of good quality and ideal for soccer shoes as it banks on comfort and moldability. It stretches over time and shapes to the wearer’s foot creating a much-personalized fit.

Nike Premier Firm Ground side laces

A central lacing system incorporated into the burrito-shaped tongue also aids the shoe’s fit.


Nike Premier Black/ White

Emphasizing the colorway used in classic cleats, a pure black and pure white version of the Nike Premier was released in 2016. While the construction and the materials used for the pair are similar to that of the regular Premier, the color is the only difference. This special edition release wears the Premier either black or white from the upper to its soleplate.

Nike Premier Tonal Collection: Brasil, France, and England

Another special edition release is the tonal colors of the countries that won the World Cup; namely Brasil, France, and England. Featuring an upper that is either red, blue, or yellow, it is paired with an all-white soleplate with stud tips that match the upper.

Additional Info

  • The Nike Premier soccer cleat weighs 8.6 ounces.

Facts / Specs

Update: Nike Premier II Firm Ground
Top: Low
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Nike Premier
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Nike
Colorways: Black / Blue

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