Nike Precision 5: For a powerful first step

In basketball, a good first step helps the player gain space for proper offense. Nike understands this, so its designers created the Precision 5 to be:

Light and supportive. The materials that make up the upper are provide nice feedback without adding too much weight; in fact the shoe still feel pretty minimal.

Speedy. The sculpted midsole is designed to deliver a good amount of bounce without sacrificing court feel.

Grippy. Just like many successful basketball shoes, the outsole is equipped with good old herringbone for optimum control.

Precision 5: Competitive both on the court and in the market

Nike is known for its signature lines for NBA superstars LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and more. Alongside these high-profile and often expensive releases are hoop shoes like the Nike Precision 5 that are a lot cheaper, though it's never at the expense of quality. The Precision 5, for its part, is made of fairly less costly upper materials, foam, and outsole rubber; but it surely does not falter on court. 


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