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6 reasons to buy

  • The Nike Phantom Vision Pro Dynamic Fit AG-PRO soccer cleat has a comfortable fit according to users.
  • Several commenters concluded that this Nike soccer cleat model is worth the price.
  • Another patron says that the Nikeskin upper of the pair feels soft.  
  • The All Conditions Control element, which is also integrated into the Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 Elite CR7,  ensures that there is a high level of ball control is high even in wet weather conditions.
  • One expressed that this artificial grass soccer cleat makes touches easy to make.
  • A satisfied player says that the pair accommodates wide foot types.

1 reasons not to buy

  • One of the reviewers disclosed that the Nike Phantom Vision Pro Dynamic Fit AG-Pro soccer cleat has a sizing issue. He recommended going down half a size from the regular one to achieve the best possible fit.  

Bottom line

Comfort, style, and price are just some of the boxes satisfactorily ticked by the Nike Phantom Vision Pro Dynamic Fit AG-Pro soccer cleat. One of the most ubiquitous comments for this pair is its comfort levels. The upper is made of Nikeskin, and it is topped with a Dynamic Fit collar that extends up to the ankle area of the wearer, affording the wearer a snug, sock-like fit. This also affords the wearer a lot of ball control.

However, it is important to note that one player found the cleat to be a half size large. Still, users were quick to agree that the pair brings good value for money.

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Good to know

  • This soccer cleat’s control is ensured through its All Conditions Control element. It aids in maintaining precise touches on passing and striking regardless of the weather condition.
  • What mainly comprises the upper is a textured synthetic material that serves as an outer shell to the shoe. This material optimizes comfort and ball control at the same time. This is the same upper feature used in the firm ground variation of the Phantom Vision Pro DF.
  • Attached to the upper is the Dynamic Fit collar which extends to the ankle area, creating support and security for the player’s foot. It also brings a sock-like fit. This has become a signature feature to most of Nike’s influential series including the Predator and the Phantom Vision’s predecessor, the Magista.
  • At a glance, it may seem to look like a laceless soccer cleat. However, the shoe utilizes a Ghost lacing system which not only allows for fit adjustability but also creates a bigger strike zone. This lacing system is placed below the synthetic outer shell which effectively hides it, creating a seamless look for the shoe.
  • The cushioning of the pair is created with a foam-based material that adds to the in-shoe comfort. It provides a lightweight sensation while being low-profile. Other soccer cleats in the Phantom Vision lineup also includes this sockliner.
  • For traction in artificial grass courts, this soccer cleat is created with a lightweight soleplate, perfect for quick transitions on the pitch. Featuring a combo of low-profile and secondary studs, the configuration allows for an even pressure and heel-plant distribution. The hollow studs and the heel cushioning help to enhance foot support during the rough game. To aid rapid transitions during gameplay, an extra flex groove is placed in the soleplate.

The synthetic upper of the Nike Phantom Vision Pro DF AG Pro hugs the wearer’s foot allowing for a barefoot but supportive feel especially through an inner cleatie. The shoe extends to the ankle area through the pair’s Dynamic Fit collar. This feature lends way to a sock-like fit. While not aesthetically apparent, the Ghost lacing system is found below the outermost layer of the cleat, allowing for customizability in fit. The shoe is available in men’s standard sizes ranging from sizes 6 to 13.

A customer pointed out that his pair is about a half size bigger. Another says that this model provides a wide fit. So, to get the best possible fit, it is highly recommended to try on a pair before deciding to purchase.

The Nike Phantom Vision Pro DF AG-Pro soccer cleat makes use of textured synthetic upper. It leaves players a foot-hugging sensation during play. This upper is also infused with the brand’s All Conditions Control and NikeSkin technologies which aid ball control even during unfavorable weather conditions. This element is presented through a thin film applied throughout the upper.

Extending up to the ankle area, the Dynamic Fit collar brings support for the wearer. It produces a sock-like fit that secures the lower leg during play.

Adjustability comes in the form of a Ghost lacing system. As the name implies, this type of lacing system is designed to be highly inconspicuous as it can be found below the outermost layer of the shoe. This engineering hits both the aesthetic value of the pair while allowing for a bigger strike zone for the player. As a result, it effectively minimizes distractions when making a shot.  A quick pull mechanism that makes use of webbing loops are integrated into the design.

A total of fifteen conical studs is used in the construction of the Nike Phantom Vision Pro DF AG-Pro’s outsole. It is designed for artificial grass courts. The forefoot features eleven studs while four cleats are placed in the heel area. This soleplate set up allows for optimal traction while minimizing heat production in artificial grass courts.

Low-profile, as well as secondary studs, are used in the soleplate’s configuration. They are meant to offer a lightweight feel on the synthetic pitch. Reinforcing support are the hollow studs and the heel cushioning. An additional flex groove is at the base to enhance the shoe’s ability to adapt to rapid movements on the pitch. An even distribution of pressure is also brought about by this type of soleplate.

Nike Phantom Vision Pro Dynamic Fit AG-PRO ‘Stealth Ops’

Looking sophisticated and lethal in a black and anthracite color combo, the Stealth Ops pack is essentially the blacked out version of the Nike Phantom Vision Pro DF model. The upper is completely drenched in black. The detailing, including the Nike logo, is in a more mellowed out shade of black–anthracite. Another notable model with this colorway is the Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground.

  • A foam-based material is used in the soccer cleats’ cushioning.


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