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After Nike retired Magista model and replaced them with the Phantom model, many players, including myself were a bit disappointed, but at the same time very curious about what the new model brings into the game.



After a very successful chapter with Magista models, Nike had to put a lot effort to make a new model, which will outrun previous one in terms of quality, comfort, durability, and others, which they actually did.



As a player, I found myself most comfortable while wearing Nike Tiempo and Magista models. And, by realizing I won’t be able to get a bit sharper version of Tiempo with Dynamic Fit Collar (Magista), I was not that happy.

However, by trying the newest Phantom Vision Elite, I could confirm that not having Magista on the market anymore is not a big deal.


Since the Phantom Elite Vision model is marked as a replacement for the Magista model, I will mostly compare those two models.

When it comes to the look of the shoes, what Nike did with Magista was very good. I liked the concept of the boost, the design, the features, the various color options, etc.

However, the new Phantom Vision Elite model does not miss any of that. Nike put a lot of effort and made these boots looks very powerful in any direction.

When they just got released, I was not a fan of the design itself. The first grey-orange version did not buy me, and I had no sympathy toward the boots at all.



By realizing that collar fit has no effect as it has on Magista and Mercurial models, I did not predict a good future for these shoes. However, everything changed after using them for some time.

After releasing some colorway options for these shoes, they really got more and more attractive. The design seemed to look just perfectly updated compare to the concurrent models.


As someone who really pursues comfort when buying new shoes, I can honestly say that this model passed the test easily.

When I touched material for the first time, it felt so thin and let’s say comparable to Adidas X15.1 model, which has not stood as a comfortable model for me, so I was not very optimistic.



However, after only 2-3 training session, I felt like the break-in period is done. The shoes are very comfortable, and I have zero complaints about them. There were no stiff areas in my experience, and my toes fit perfectly.

In my case, I can say that model is completely true to size, and if you have been wearing Magista Obra 2 or Tiempo 7 Elite model, you can feel free to stick to your previous size.

Some users are complaining about the struggle of putting the shoes on and taking these off. And, I can tell you that it’s nothing more complicated than all previous versions of Magista and Mercurial models.

It’s just based on your preferences. So like before, you are still able to get yourself sock-less versions.


This model brings some new features into the game. One of them is the lacing system, which is very interesting because it makes the shoes look laceless on first sight.

Amazingly, the new lacing system worked perfectly for me all the time. I had no problems with comfort, my foot was secured all the time, and most importantly, I never had to check my laces during the game.

What makes them special is their material quality as well. When it comes to touch and grip, these shoes are providing everything. The material is so grippy that it made me laugh when I held them in my hands for the first time.



All these features will help you when it comes to grip itself, but nothing extraordinary. Some reviewers say it’s not the best shoes for shooting or passing, and that it is made for this or for that. But, I will tell you that in every aspect of the game, I felt more than comfortable.

I felt good while passing, even better while shooting, so it had no big impact on my game. What had an impact is a new style, which made me very happy to be able to wear them.

The soleplate has been slightly updated compared to the previous models, but traction is more than excellent. The soleplate itself looks very aggressive, so it is the perfect one to choose if traction is something you are seeking.



Sharp turns, sprinting, stability in the mud, with FG version, everything was good. Also, it shines and becomes visible on the sun, making it all even more special.

Overall opinion & rating

In my opinion, these soccer cleats are great for any player. If you find yourself comfortable while wearing them, I see no reason why defenders won’t be able to wear them. Note that Sergio Ramos was spotted wearing them for a while.



They stand as responsive cleats, made for quick decision-makers with aggressive traction system—I can confirm that all that is true.

I felt very comfortable with them from day one. Ultimately, I highly recommend them to everybody. If you have the chance to grab them, do not hesitate.

Passing 8.5/10
Shooting 9/10
Traction 10/10
Sprinting 9/10
Durability 9/10
Design 8.5/10
Comfort 9/10
Total rate 9/10
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Hi, my name is Kenan Selimovic. Currently, I am player of FK Tuzla City, a premier league of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have many pieces of training per week and played on many different surfaces at different weather conditions. Besides football, I spent many hours on running track and gym.

Features of the Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground

  • Released in July 2018, the Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground is part of the Nike Phantom Vision series that replaces the Nike Magista silo. It is built with attacking playmakers in mind. In contrast to the defense-focused Nike Magista silo, the Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground is designed for an attack-focused form of play. The features and innovations found on this soccer cleat were carefully engineered to provide precision and control on the pitch.
  • The Quadfit mesh is a proprietary foot-hugging structure that is found on the inside of the Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground. The woven material used on this technology instantly conforms to the shape of the foot the moment the shoe is put on. Thereby, decreasing break-in time while increasing overall comfort.
  • Another interesting feature found on this soccer cleat is the Ghost Lacing System. Nike has done tremendous amounts of research with numerous players and found out that laces are vital in providing a customized fit. The Ghost Lacing System works in tandem with the Quadfit mesh to ensure an unparalleled fit for a broad spectrum of foot widths.
  • This soccer cleat also has a Flyknit upper, a familiar feature found on modern Nike soccer cleats. After several years of research and development,  Nike has developed a lightweight upper with a sock-like fit which they called the Flyknit technology. Because the Flyknit conceals the lacing system, it offers a wide surface for striking the ball.
  • The surface of the Flyknit material has 3D textures. It has three texturized zones with the medial side having the most prominent textures. They provide an optimized touch and grip on the ball.
  • This soccer cleat comes with a Dynamic Fit Collar that is connected to the inner Quadfit mesh. It is made of an elastic material that wraps the ankle. The collar creates a smooth transition from the cleat to the lower leg.
  • A streamlined soleplate is included in the Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground. It is lightweight and flexible with a stiffener bar in the middle for excellent responsiveness. The stud pattern is composed of semi-conical and bladed studs for aggressive traction on firm grounds (FG). It also features the return of the pivot studs for excellent push-offs.

Size and fit

The Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground is available in sizes 4 to 13 in men’s version. Female players who want to use this soccer cleat can choose from 7.5 to 14. It is narrower than its Magista predecessor. WIth the Quadfit mesh, it is recommended for players with narrow to average-sized foot widths. Players with wide feet may experience discomfort in wearing this shoe.


The Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground comes in a three-layer upper construction, namely the inner Quadfit mesh, the Ghost Lacing System, and the Flyknit outer shell.

On the innermost part of this soccer cleat is the Quadfit mesh. It is made of a woven material designed with four axes of fibers. It adapts to the natural curves of the foot and is useful in providing support in all directions. As a result, the Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground can give a personalized fit for all foot structures with zero break-in time.

A new technology found on this soccer cleat is the Ghost Lacing System. Made up of six strategically placed lace loops, it creates a one-pull tightening for an equal distribution of tension around the foot. Once tied properly, the Ghost Lacing System locks the foot in place without squeezing it.

The entire upper, including the lacing system, is covered with a paper-thin Flyknit sock. It provides a cleaner and undisrupted striking surface. The elastic outer also allows players to slide their foot into the shoe with no problems.

Premium ball touch from the Flyknit sock is complemented by the textured zones. Corresponding with the Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL) data on ball control, the textures are made more dense and prominent on the instep where the medial triangle design is found. These 3D textures aid in touching, passing, and striking the ball.

Nikeskin and All Conditions Control (ACC) coat the upper of the Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground. The ACC technology is effective in keeping the shoe from getting wet. Thus, maintaining premium ball touch in both wet and dry weather conditions. This feature is also found in the Nike Predator 18+ Firm Ground.

The upper is finished off with a Dynamic Fit Collar that acts as the entry tube to get into the Quadfit mesh. It is made of a stretchy material that is connected to the Quadfit mesh. The material used does not give the same compression as the one found on previous Magista cleats. However, it is effective in providing a seamless transition from the cleat to the lower leg. The collar technology is also found in the highly popular Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite FG shoe.


The versatile soleplate of the Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground is both lightweight and flexible yet responsive enough for a compelling play. A stiffener bar is discreetly hidden under the Nike Swoosh logo in the midfoot.

There are ten studs in the forefoot area, including three pivot studs, one support stud, and six hybrid conical studs. The pivot studs are useful in making spins and turns. The four bladed studs underneath the heel enhance stability.

Special Colorways of the Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground

Nike Phantom Vision ‘Raised on Concrete’

The red, grey, and dark grey colorway used for the ‘Raised on Concrete’ pack brings out a clean yet edgy vibe. The medial side of the upper is drenched with a fiery hue. The shades become cooler as they approach the outer side of the cleat. The collar area is drenched in the darkest grey while a bold Swoosh logo is also found in the forefoot area.

Nike Phantom Vision ‘Always Forward’

The striking Racer Blue and Metallic Silver colorway of the Nike Phantom Vision ensures that every spectator catches the pair on the pitch. The standout color combo envelops most of the upper with a blue tint. The hues only get darker as it moves up into the heel and collar areas. The white Nike logo manages to stand out in the heel area.

Another model that is part of the silo is the Nike Mercurials. The pair are equally as stunning with its Volt coloring. The rest of the pack which includes the Hypervenom Phantom and the Tiempo legend shares the Racer Blue colorway of the Nike Phantom Vision.

Additional Info

  • This soccer cleat was released in July 2018.
  • Famous soccerers who headline the Nike Phantom Vision Elite Firm Ground include Kevin De Bruyne, Philippe Coutinho, and Leon Goretzka.
  • With each pair of Flyknit shoes, six pieces of recycled plastic bottles are used.
  • A multi-ground variation of this soccer cleat is the Nike PhantomVSN Academy Dynamic Fit MG.

Facts / Specs

Top: High
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Nike Phantom Vision, Nike Phantom, Nike Quadfit, Nike Dynamic Fit Collar
Lacing System: Ghost lacing
BRAND Brand: Nike
Colorways: Black / Grey / Blue / Red / Green
SKUs: AO3262004 / AO3262007 / AO3262060 / AO3262077 / AO3262080 / AO3262100 / AO3262400 / AO3262408 / AO3262600 / AO3262717

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