Who should buy the Nike Phantom GT2 Academy MG

This cleat is a cheap offering from Nike, and it's best appreciated by the following:

  • soccer athletes who want shoes that help them run faster
  • wearers who play on both artificial and natural grass fields
  • fashionable players who want soccer cleats that are aesthetically pleasing
  • users who do not have wide feet

Nike Phantom GT2 Academy MG nike-phantom-gt2-academy-mg-collar

Who should NOT buy this takedown soccer cleat from Nike

It's not unusual for soccer cleats to need some time for them to be properly broken in. However, there are just players who need their shoes to hit the ground running. These athletes may find the Phantom GT2 Academy MG a bit of a drag. The Adidas Predator 20.2 is a good alternative. If they want to stick with Nike, the original Phantom GT Academy MG is a good pick.

Nike Phantom GT2 Academy MG nike-phantom-gt2-academy-mg-forefoot

There are not a lot of soccer cleats that easily appeal to players with wide feet. Fortunately, Mercurial Superfly 9 is a very welcome exemption. Wide-footers who find the Phantom GT2 Academy MG a little too tight can go for this model and its takedown versions.

Phantom GT2 Academy MG: A good pick

One of the wearers of the Phantom GT2 Academy MG is so happy that they declare, "These cleats are money!" Two others say that this shoe exceeds their expectations and that it is "absolutely amazing."

Nike Phantom GT2 Academy MG nike-phantom-gt2-academy-mg-lateral

Good bite on the ground? You get it!

The spikes on the outsole of this Nike soccer shoe are nicely arranged. This results in a really strong bite on various surfaces, most especially natural grass.

Nike Phantom GT2 Academy MG nike-phantom-gt2-academy-mg-sole

Helps you be quick on your feet

The Nike Phantom GT2 Academy MG is light and nicely structured, allowing its wearer to effectively accelerate as they strive to make a goal.

Ball touch is impressive

"[It has a] pretty direct feel with your foot," says one very satisfied wearer of this Nike takedown soccer cleat. He says that this allows him to pass, dribble, and do other maneuvers with much ease and confidence.

Nike Phantom GT2 Academy MG nike-phantom-gt2-academy-mg-forefoot2

Enjoy high levels of comfort

If there's something that a good number of reviewers agree on, it's that this soccer cleat really feels so comfortable. "[It's] comfortable to wear several days in a row," says one of them enthusiastically.

Even with all these good things, it is still important to note here that this shoe still needs time for break-in.

Foot containment? Not a problem

A handful of reviewers report that they feel well-supported when they wear this Nike soccer cleat. They also do not worry that the shoes will come off even as their movements become more and more intense.

Nike Phantom GT2 Academy MG nike-phantom-gt2-academy-mg-laces

Notable insole

"The insole is nice and supportive," says one wearer. According to a couple of other players, it contributes to the shoe's overall stability and comfort.

Nike Phantom GT2 Academy MG nike-phantom-gt2-academy-mg-insole

Fit is quite a risk for wide-footers

Simply put, Nike Phantom GT2 Academy MG is not the best pick for players with wide feet. If you are a wide-footer and you really want to risk it, be warned that the fit is "somewhere between snug and too tight" according to one wearer.

The product is well-made

Several wearers take note of the shoe's amazing quality and craftsmanship. This shoe feels and looks like it costs more. One wearer also points out that this shoe is "sturdy and solid;" it does not break apart even when used frequently.

Look great with Phantom GT2 Academy MG

Several players are happy with how stylish this Nike soccer cleat is. The following are just some of what they are saying:

  • "overall sharp look"
  • "very attractive to the eye"
  • "looks ace"

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Surface: Multi Ground
Collection: Nike Phantom, Nike Phantom Gt, Nike Phantom Gt2, Nike Phantom Gt2 Academy
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Nike
Release date: Jan 2022

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