Our verdict


Although it’s considered a budget shoe at $110, the PG1 is one of the best performing Nike basketball shoes in 2017. The impact protection that it provides might not be as high as the more expensive models, but this shoe still deserves to have a spot in the rotation of most athletes. The containment provided by the internal heel counter is just impressive. This shoe just gets the job done.


  • Responsive midsole
  • Strong durable outsole
  • Short break-in time
  • Good ventilation
  • Great value for money
  • Durable material
  • Great design on, off-court
  • Secure forefoot strap lockdown
  • Old school feel


  • Discomfort in toe box
  • Not for big players
  • Lacks impact support

Who should buy the Nike PG1

The PG1 marks the start of a line signature Nike basketball shoes for Paul George. The inspiration for the shoe comes from his favorite basketball sneaker, the Nike Zoom Crusader.  There is a sizable piece of Zoom technology installed in the midfoot area of the outsole.

You know this is the right pair for you because:

  • You are Paul George's superfan.
  • You're excited to experience the forefoot strap that brings a secure lockdown.

Nike PG1 logo top

Nike PG1's awesome midsole

According to most reviewers, the PG1 benefits the athlete by providing a good amount of responsiveness and absorbing minimal impact in the forefoot area.

Nike PG1 midsole mid

The Nike PG1 is for athletes who use their forefoot a lot when playing, pretty much like guards or small forwards. The shoe delivers a low-to-the-ground feel without sacrificing the capacity to support the quick multidirectional footwork of the wearer.

Nike PG1 forefoot

Solid outsole setup of PG1

Depending on the colorway, the outsole can either be solid or translucent rubber. Most reviewers prefer the solid outsole because it is less slippery compared to the translucent one. The translucent outsole is able to better showcase the Zoom technology in the midfoot area of the shoe.

Nike PG1 outsole front

The outsole has a multidirectional traction pattern. It is reported that being without flex grooves, this kind of traction works on clean courts. On dusty courts, wiping from time to time will have to be done.

Nike PG1 outsole bottom

Nike PG1 super secure lockdown

The Nike PG1 fits like a glove. If the one-bootie construction of the shoe is not enough, the shoelaces with four lace loops can be tied to provide a more secure hold on the foot.

The strap in the midfoot area is a bonus for people with quite narrow or slim feet. If adjusted well, the strap holds the midfoot down securely.

Nike PG1 lockdown

There is also a Flywire setup in the midfoot area. Flywire is composed of lightweight and minimalistic filaments that are attached to the outsole, and players say that these filaments hug and secure the foot painlessly 

Nike PG1 strap

Impressive upper material of Nike PG1

The materials used on the forefoot of the Nike PG1 are a combination of fuse overlays and mesh. The mesh provides breathability and comfort to the foot. The fuse overlays protect the mesh from tearing easily.

Nike PG1 upper

The type of material used on the rear panel depends on the colorway. For the Black Ice colorway, the rear is made of nubuck. 

Nike PG1 rear

The insole of the shoe is made of thick ortholite foam, which is a breathable and eco-friendly cushion used on most shoes.

Nike PG1 insole

The rubber peaks on the midsole area of the shoe provide stability. They help hoopers avoid injuries from ankle rollovers.

Paul George's signature style

The Nike PG1 has a low-top one-piece construction. The heel counter has a dainty pull tab with George’s jersey number 13 on it. On the lateral side of the shoe is a NIKE ZOOM callout, while the prestigious Nike Swoosh is on both sides of the shoe.

Nike PG1 logo style

On both medial sides of the shoe are significant dates for Paul George. On the left shoe, 5-1-15 is embossed to honor his daughter’s birthday. On the right shoe, 5-2-90 is embossed to represent his birthday.

Nike PG1 logo rear

To make it known as a signature shoe, Paul George’s logo is placed on the tongue and on the outsole.  The removable ortholite insole has his signature.