Our verdict


The Nike PG 6 is a versatile shoe that delivers comfort, undeniable support, and explosiveness. It provides a lot of help on the court because it delivers a dependable grip and a much-needed energy boost for jumping. The fact that it looks awesome is the icing on the cake.


  • Great for indoors and outdoors
  • Explosively responsive midsole
  • Soft underfoot sensation
  • Effective stability features
  • Soft and comfortable upper
  • Wide-footer-friendly structure
  • Feels light on foot
  • Stylish


  • Compromised breathability
  • Break-in is needed

Who should buy the Nike PG 6

Paul George's 6th signature shoe with Nike is for you if you are looking for a basketball sneaker that:

  • reliably fuels the vertical movements that you routinely do on the court
  • accommodates players with wide feet
  • delivers looks and comfort that make it suitable to be your everyday wear

Nike PG 6 pg 6 buy

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from Nike

As a shoe that accommodates those with wide feet, the Nike PG 6 may not be kind to those with exceptionally narrow feet. They are better off getting the Nike KD 14.

Nike PG 6 pg 6 not buy 

Those whose feet sweat a lot are also not the best users of the PG 6; this shoe does not really offer the best when it comes to breathability. The Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 and the more recent Why Not Zer0.5 are better picks. The Why Not Zer0.5 is also a good outdoor shoe.

Grip with superb grit!

Players report that the PG 6 has a really good bite on both the hardwood and concrete outdoor courts. Worries about slipping and falling easily become a thing of the past with this one.

Nike PG 6 pg 6 sole

The Nike PG 6 has an amazingly reactive midsole

The React foam in the midsole makes this shoe such a good one for guards according to a player. It provides a lot of energy return, so every step is sufficiently fueled. The footbed also feels so soft, ensuring comfort even if the game drags on. 

Nike PG 6 pg 6 midsole

Support and lockdown are well taken care of

You will definitely not feel wobbly when wearing the PG 6. This shoe from Nike has a top-loaded shank, and it reportedly keeps your gait stable and effectively prevents twists. Foot containment is also not going to be a problem according to reviewers. This is because the lacing system is so effective in keeping the shoe well mounted on the foot.

Nike PG 6 pg 6 support

The upper of the PG6 is pliable and feels nice to the touch

According to users, the materials that make up the upper are supportive without being restrictive. They feel soft and are really comfortable. However, a few players mention that ventilation isn't such a strong point of the upper.

Nike PG 6 pg 6 upper materials

Light and stylish. What more can you ask for? 

The PG6 is able to deliver all its good points without putting on so much weight. At only 12.2 oz or 346 grams, this shoe weighs well below the average, which is currently at 13.5 oz or 383 grams. Many consider this shoe a fashion statement, so it can definitely be worn off the court.

Nike PG 6 pg 6 light and stylish

Expert reviewers, however, warn that the outsole is not really the most abrasion-resistant out there. You may still use it outdoors; just not frequently.