Our verdict

The Nike PG 4 is a good basketball shoe, with a snug boot-like fit that feels faster in transition and has me feeling more balanced on my mid-foot. It also feels bouncy and stable enough for lateral movements. I also love how the PG 4 looks because I can wear it casually (it is comfy for that purpose, too!).


  • Secure fit
  • Not clunky
  • Excellent traction
  • Responsive
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish, zip-up design


  • Runs small
  • Not breathable

Audience verdict


Who should buy it

I recommend the Nike PG 4 to players who are looking for a nice-looking, all-around basketball shoe that offers plenty of cushioning for impact and stability for lateral movements.

Who should NOT buy it

Based on my wear tests, I do not recommend this shoe to those who: 

Nike PG 4 summary

The Nike Paul George 4 (Nike PG 4) is one of the best all-around basketball shoes I have had the chance to test. I also got the chance to try the Nike PG 5 and believe it or not, I like this version of the shoe better. The main difference for me is that the PG 5 rides more toward the heel and had me feeling a bit further back in my stance.

Both are great basketball shoes and at the price, either is definitely worth putting in the rotation as a shoe with a lot of performance at a great value.

Go half-size up for more toe room

I did go a half size up from my normal size because generally I like extra toe room and Nike typically has a more narrow width and smaller toe box than I am used to. With that said, the half-size-up was perfect for me and I felt really comfortable in it from the time I put it on.


The Nike PG 4 has a secure fit

The design of the shoe allows the ankle to feel locked in without feeling like the upper foot is getting squeezed. The 6mm sockliner feels great and wraps the foot like a boot, which reminded me of the way a ski boot laces up and then the outer really seal up the entire foot.


Same concept in the PG4, where the inside boot feels somewhat loose but once the upper is zipped up within an internal webbing system, which leaves the ankle feeling really secure and locked in.

Does not feel heavy or clunky

The ride is neutral and performs quickly in transition. At 13.7oz/388g this isn’t the lightest basketball shoe available (basketball shoes have an average weight of 13.6oz/386g) but it performed well overall and doesn’t feel heavy or clunky.


Stylish but a very legitimate basketball shoe

Right out of the box I really loved the look, with the dark orange digital camo, teal laces, and zip-up design. Nike has nailed the design features on this upper and the result is a clean zip-up design that looks really streamlined. This is a shoe that can definitely be worn off the court. 


On the court, the outsole of the PG 4 really shines

The shoe feels fast and the traction was excellent on the outdoor courts where I play in the summer. The bottoms feel sticky and have the perfect amount of traction, perfect for stop-and-go plays. The bottoms feature circular tread patterns that do a nice job of getting grip on any surface.


Responsive for dribbling and lateral movements

There is plenty of cushioning and overall the shoe feels really secure and protective. The cushion is pretty unique on this shoe featuring a Nike Air bag in the mid-foot section of the shoe. On the foul line, I was able to get up on my mid-foot with no problem and the shoes felt really responsive dribbling and moving laterally.

The Nike PG 4 is very comfortable

This is a very comfortable basketball shoe and I can see many enjoying wearing it as a casual shoe simply because it is very stylish and comfortable.


The zip-up design does not allow breathability


There really is only one issue that I discovered while testing this shoe and it’s not a huge knock, but this shoe runs hot. If you are someone who sweats a lot outside and this is a shoe you will play in a lot in the summer, there are better options out there. The zip-up design is very snug and the inside boot system doesn’t allow for a lot of ventilation.