Nike Odyssey React Shield review

I’ve already tried the Nike Pegasus Zoom Turbo and the Nike Epic React 2.

Personally, I liked the Nike React foam, but I didn’t have a pair of water repellent running shoes yet. So, when I found a pair of Nike Odyssey React Shield on sale, I couldn’t resist.

The Nike Epic React 2 and the Odyssey React Shield are quite similar shoes. They have the same forefoot height of 18 mm, the same heel height of 28mm and thus also the same 10 mm drop.

There is only a slight difference in weight since the flyknit upper of the Epic React 2 is 10 grams lighter. So, that’s 239 grams for the Epic React 2 versus 249 grams for the Odyssey React Shield.


The upper is what makes this shoe special and what sets it apart from the other shoes in the Nike React line. It is a water repellent upper with a G.90 rating.

They are clearly proud of that at Nike because they even printed it on a label and put that on the heel counter.

But that wasn’t enough, it is also printed on the insole. And it also says water repellent on the tongue of the shoe. However, to find out what G.90 means wasn’t so easy.

Because if you Google the term, it mainly just shows you all the shoes in the Nike Shield line, but it doesn’t really give you any other products with this rating. There are ways to measure and describe how water repellent fabric is, but as far as I can tell, G.90 isn’t one of them.

Upper of the Odyssey React Shiel

The upper is made out of two smooth materials, one that makes up most of the midfoot of the upper and another a bit more stretchy material that makes up the toe box, tongue and heel counter of this shoe. It is not a one-piece upper, like the Epic React, but it has a semi-detached tongue.

Laces are too long

The Odyssey React Shield has a new lacing system compared to the Nike Epic React. It has a toggle lacing system that is supposed to be faster than just tying your laces. However, I do find it a bit more difficult to decide how tight the laces should be.

And if I pull them tightly the remainder of the laces are a bit too long. It also makes it impossible to lace them any other way, which seems to be a trend in running shoes lately, because I’ve got several pairs that have that same problem. There are no extra eyelets you can use and if you wanted to put other laces in, you’d have to cut the toggle system.


The sizing label is, just like in the Epic React 2, stitched onto the insole. You can put it underneath the insole, but it will sometimes pop out from underneath there and it might irritate your foot. With the flyknit upper it sort of made sense that they didn’t stitch the label onto the inside of the tongue, because the flyknit is quite form-fitting.

But I’m not sure why they didn’t change that with the Odyssey React Shield. They already stitched an overlay on top of the tongue, so they might as well put the label on the inside like most shoe companies. Or just print it onto the inside rather than using a label.

The Odyssey React Shield has the same kind of full heel cup that the first version of the Epic React has. It also has several reflective details on the upper of this shoe, since Nike expects you to wear this shoe during different weather conditions and when you might be running in the dark.

Comfy, bouncy ride

The Odyssey React Shield has the same React foam midsole as the Epic React and the Epic React 2. It provides a nice and cushioned ride with a bit of bounce.


Since the Odyssey React Shield is meant to be worn in wet weather conditions, the outsole has more rubber than the outsole of the Epic React. Nike has used Storm

Thread rubber for the Odyssey React Shield, which provides more traction on wet surfaces. It doesn’t only have rubber underneath the heel and forefoot, but there are two extra pieces of rubber underneath the ball of your foot extending towards the midfoot.

True to size

Since I was used to the flyknit fabric of the Nike Epic React 2, it took me a while to get used to the Shield upper of the Odyssey React Shield.

It feels a bit tighter and narrower in the forefoot. But I wore my regular running shoe size and that was fine.


Although I like the Epic React foam, I did miss a bit of stability in the upper on the medial as well as the lateral side. Even though there is a plastic triangle for extra support on the medial side of the midsole.

I liked the ride and I didn’t experience any hotspots with the upper, but on longer distances, the lack of stability and the narrowness of the shoe were an issue.


So if you are looking for a shoe you can use in wet weather conditions and you are a fan of the Epic React midsole material and aren’t looking for a bit of stability or maybe you just have a bit of a narrower foot, this is the shoe for you.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 8.8oz / Women 7.6oz
Drop: 10mm
Arch support: Neutral
Base model: Nike Odyssey React
Update: Nike Odyssey React Shield 2
Forefoot height: 18mm

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