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6 reasons to buy

  • The upper material of the turf cleat wraps the foot comfortably according to some users.
  • Many players were satisfied with the cleat’s Speed Ribs as it helped them in controlling the ball.
  • A couple of reviewers lauded the excellent grip provided by the Tri-star rubber cleats.
  • Some players lauded the cleat’s lightweight sensation that aided them in acceleration.
  • A small number of reviews highlighted the cleat’s smart look.
  • One reviewer mentioned that the Nike MercurialX Finale II Turf was especially beneficial when making a quick change of direction.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A considerable number of reviewers noted the poor heel lockdown of the turf shoe.
  • A small number of users felt that the outsole was too rigid.
  • One reviewer experienced blisters on her toes after wearing the turf version of Nike MercurialX Finale II due to the narrow fit.

Bottom line

The second generation of Nike MercurialX Finale Turf is brimmed with high-quality elements perfect for ball control and comfort fit through its synthetic upper with Speed Ribs. The said factors are undoubtedly every soccer player’s dream for a turf cleat. These are also the same factors, with the exception of the heel lockdown, that were well-received by several users. For aspiring and active players aiming for an excellent cleat, MercurialX Finale II Turf offers an equally striving and energetic performance on a synthetic surface.

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Good to know

  • Originally coming from its popular predecessors, the Elastico Finale and the first MercurialX Finale Turf cleat, massive overhaul have been observed since the release of the second version of the MercurialX Finale Turf.
  • Its most noticeable change is its upper construction. The turf cleat is now designed with Speed Ribs which are textured ribs arranged in the areas where the ball has the usual contact. The technology is proven and tested to enhance ball touch. It is considered to be an upgrade of the honeycomb mesh texture used in the first version of the cleat.
  • Nike Skin technology remains to be the Mercurial series staple overlay. It is characterized by a thin film fused in the synthetic upper material to improve lateral lockdown. It is often associated with the All Conditions Control (ACC) feature found in soccer cleats such as the Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 Elite CR7 FG, due to its protective nature.
  • The outsole is made from rubber which is the most viable material to offer traction on a synthetic surface. Flex grooves are the base pattern for the sole that promotes flexibility in each stride. It is intended for the foot to move as natural as possible in any surface. The Tri-star studs are arranged in the sole to allow proper grip in a turf ground.
  • A few similar traits have been retained from its original version such as the Neoprene Collar that extends to make the turf cleat a one-piece construction. The extended piece functions as a compression element that provides custom fit due to its stretchable quality. However, later versions from this collection feature the Dynamic Fit collar such as the one found in Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Elite Firm Ground.

Standard sizes are available from the turf cleat in both men and women’s version. The recommended fit of the turf cleat is True-to-Size due to the stretchable nature of the upper material. Compression fit is guaranteed with the Neoprene material that extends from the collar to the forefoot. The adjustable laces bring about a more personalized fit to prevent overstretching sensation.

A rubber material is the main outsole unit for MercurialX Finale II turf. Its components include the multiple Tri-Star Studs arranged in the soleplate to perform the best possible traction in a turf surface. The Flex Grooves also play a key role in the rubber plate, providing the outsole its needed flexibility for dynamic foot movements.

The midsole construction is designed with a Phylon foam. Its spongy nature brings flexibility and responsiveness when running on turf grounds. With its dual-density properties, durability is potentially guaranteed even in such abrasive surface.

The turf cleat’s overall look can be likened to that of the silos in the Nike Mercurial Vapor and Superfly due to its Speed Ribs texture dominantly seen in lateral, medial and forefoot area. The said texture is not just installed for aesthetic purposes, but ultimately for improved ball control. Friction is enhanced when the ball touches the horizontal ribs.

The Nike Skin Technology is fused in the upper, synthetic material as a Polyurethane film. It leaves a thin next-to-skin sensation distinctly helpful when touching the ball.

The Neoprene Collar keeps the cleat in a tongueless structure. It is an elastic material that extends to cover the whole instep area. With this extension, the foot is intended to feel like being wrapped comfortably for overall lockdown.

On top of the collar is a central lacing system that can be adjusted to tailor fit to one’s preference. It goes in handy when players prefer a tighter, more foot-hugging sensation from the stretchable Neoprene.

A pull tag is installed in the upper heel area to aid in slipping the cleat on with ease.

  • The Nike MercurialX Finale II is also available in indoor variation.


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