Who should buy the Nike Kyrie 8

This signature shoe is a good pick for athletes who have the same play style as Kyrie Irving. Aside from them, the following are also poised to benefit the most from the Nike Kyrie 8:

  • basketball players who do not like to regularly wipe the soles of their shoes
  • wearers who have narrow feet
  • guards and other ballers who love shoes that are constructed to be very low to the ground
  • athletes who appreciate a lot of court feel

Who should NOT buy this signature shoe from Nike Basketball

The moment you touch it, you may immediately notice that the materials aren't the most premium. If you mind the quality of the materials, then the Nike LeBron 20 or the Air Jordan 37 are definitely a lot better picks. Made for LeBron James who is quite big, the LeBron 20 is also a bit more accommodating to wide-footers.

Like many other basketball shoes, the Kyrie 8 requires some break-in time. There are players who might not have the time for this. They are better off getting the KD 15, which is still from Nike. This shoe is said to require little to no break-in period.

Kyrie 8: Bet your neck on it!

"I would highly highly recommend," an avid reviewer says of this Kyrie Irving basketball shoe. He says that this shoe is really "legit," and that this is the type of shoe that he wears if he is really quite serious about his game. Though not of the same enthusiasm, other reviewers also hold a similar view of this shoe.

Can't go wrong with the Kyrie 8's grip

All expert reviewers agree that the traction of this shoe is quite solid. The following are just some of the very good words that they use to describe the bite of this Kyrie shoe:

  • "elite"
  • "excellent"
  • "damn nice"

Given all this, it's safe to say that stopping on a dime is not a problem with this one.

Another one (that) bites (through) the dust

The traction of this shoe is so good that it works even on dusty courts. "It bites through dust actually quite well," says one expert reviewer. Another agrees, saying that playing on dusty courts was "not a problem" for him.

Feel the court quite well with this one

According to an avid reviewer, the Kyrie 8 is constructed to be very low to the ground, even more so than the Kyrie Infinity. Because of this, this shoe is able to deliver a lot of court feel that's surely appreciated by guards who do a lot of quick and fine movements.

Can be used outdoors. Sparingly.

Based on the materials that make up this shoe, a player concludes that the Kyrie is "not terrible and not the best" for outdoor use. "It's OK for a little bit," he says.

Enjoy well-fueled take-offs

Two reviewers agree that the Zoom Strobel unit in the forefoot is well-implemented because it really gives them the energy that they need. They say that the forefoot is actually "super bouncy" and "really bouncy." 

Seriously, find time for break-in!

Several parts of the shoe, including the outsole and the cushioning system, need some time before they unleash their true potential. Several wearers attest to this.

Make smooth steps

A basketball player describes the heel-to-toe transition of this shoe as "pretty damn smooth." He says that this is because of the curvatures on both ends of the shoe.

Flex naturally, especially at the forefoot

The forefoot area has a lot of give, and it easily goes with the natural flexions of this part of the shoe. According to one wearer, this makes his movements less restricted and a lot more precise.

It's slim and lightweight

At only 12.08 oz (342 g), the Nike Kyrie 8 is a lot lighter than average, which we peg at 13.5 ounces or 383 grams. That this weighs way less than average is not surprising; the shoe after all looks so narrow, especially toward the tip of the forefoot.

Wide-footers, you have been warned!

The shoe looks narrow primarily because it really is narrow. Wide-footers are advised to go a full size up or just find another shoe altogether.

Kyrie 8 materials: Cheap-feeling but dependable

All reviewers admit that the shoe is made of cheap-feeling materials. Fortunately, they say that performance-wise, the materials work and actually get the job done. According to one of them, the type and quality of the materials "give opportunity for great colorways." Because of this, he declares, "I really could care less about the materials." 

Foot containment is commendable

Reviewers agree that there are no issues with support. One of them even says that this aspect is "very very good."

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Signature: Kyrie Irving
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Nike Kyrie
Features: Outdoor
Colorways: White / Purple / Blue / Pink

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