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5 reasons to buy

  • The Nike Kyrie 5 provides a good amount of foot cushioning as observed by several basketball shoe reviewers. 
  • Like the Nike PG3, a number of users praise the good traction delivered by this basketball shoe. In addition to this, the rounded outsole maintains stability for players who do rapid direction changes. 
  • A handful of customers compliment the fifth generation Nike Kyrie’s look. They also like the Nike Kyrie 6
  • A basketball shoe critic expresses his enthusiasm for the secure lockdown brought by the shoe’s Venus Flytrap feature. He further reiterated that the element envelops the player’s foot especially in the forefoot and midfoot areas, creating a snug feel for the wearer.
  • These Nike basketball sneakers are attractive enough to be worn outdoors, a customer mentions.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Another shoe reviewer comments that the fifth release of the Kyries might have a ventilation issue due to its new containment technology.
  • A wearer of this shoe model points out that there is a higher possibility of the shoe becoming odorous due to its constrictive construction.

Bottom line

It seems that the Nike Kyrie line is stepping up their game with every release. The Nike Kyrie 5 does not only kill it in the looks department, the consensus is that it also delivers in terms of cushioning and traction. For a player looking for a secure-fitting basketball shoe while making a fashion statement, the Nike Kyrie 5 is one to consider.

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The Kyrie 5 gets the job done. It is simply among the most effective shoes on the basketball court.



It needs a few runs to break in the sole, maybe 10- to 15-minute of warm-up running back and forth on the court could loosen up the initial stiffness.

Even so, you get to feel the initial traction it gives on court. If you have already worn them in a game, wiping the outsoles before playing again creates a better court feel.

The grip is great, and I don’t have any complaints about the laterals and cuts going to the basket. However, this needs wiping every end of a quarter on dusty courts. It gives the maximum bite on clean courts. 


The Zoom Turbo bag gives the knees the cushion  that they need. Since I am 5’8 and 180lbs, a cushion that helps my knees absorb impact is a big plus.

The Kyrie 5 really does go from good to great. As said, the outstanding position of the Zoom unit makes the shoe perfectly knee-friendly. Because of the responsive Zoom system, you can feel the support for every jump during rebounds or as you hustle at the loose ball. The Zoom is also good even in quick changes in pace and lateral cuts. 

As for court feel, the Kyrie 5 is low to the ground. It transitions well from toe to heel.

The shoe also provides very wonderful Impact protection especially to late 30s ballers like me. It’s kinda Bouncy but not like a spring; should I use a sponge as a visual aid?

Zoom Air forefoot is a big plus and a bonus for flat-footed players like me. The added push compliments the underfoot feel, making you a little more agile especially when age is already catching up. Overall cushion, The Kyrie 5 Gets the job done.


Engineered mesh is easy to break in, it's light and easy to clean after use. Great details on the upper, I love the play of materials and colors.

There are a lot of things happening in every part of the shoe, you would feel like a kid turning it around for the first time. It looks like a collage composed of circles that make you want to count them all.

The only downfall of the Kyrie 5 is its light color; dust and dirt are easily visible on the shoe.


Good fit and lockdown. It hugs the heel, so you won’t feel any slip and slide as if your foot is going out of the Kyrie 5.

The Flytrap on the midfoot is just right: not too wide to be a distraction, not too narrow that it can’t anymore give the midfoot the support it needs.

Quite Nice ankle support. I cannot say anything less about this. The wide base of the shoe makes a wide-foot guy like me wear the shoe more often in a game. A solid game kicks with secure footbed. It's so easy to see why everyone loves Uncle Drew! 


At first, the Kyrie 5 is kinda snug and a little hard to put on; what you can do is properly loosen the lace and you are good. Once it has been broken in, the fit and comfort that it delivers is solid.

The shoe also locks the foot down ready for a game, be it competitive or just a lighthearted evening with friends.


Yes, I definitely recommend it outdoors since the sole is engineered for  performance. However, I recommend that players apply shoe protectant spray first.


These Kyrie Irving basketball shoes are true to size, but not wide-feet friendly. One can wear thick socks to remedy this.


Slightly narrow, but a half or full size up would do for wide-footed players.

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I’m a former high school varsity player but still competes at commercial leagues and small basketball tournaments. Also, I’m a full-time visual artist and an art teacher. I am a Nike fan, and I have more than 200 basketball shoes—all Nike. Everyday, I play basketball after work, so I think I can give a proper shoe review about pairs that I've worn on and off-court. My favorite pairs are Jordan 3, 4 and 11. As of today, I wear the Hyper Adapt B.B. during basketball games and tournaments.

Good to know

The fifth addition to the Nike Kyrie has come a long way since its first release. Kyrie Irving says that his seventeen-year-old self would have said, ‘look how far we’ve come.’ Not only did the well-known Cleveland Cavalier point guard strive to create a more technologically advanced shoe, he also made sure to personalize his creations by infusing personal stories into the shoe details.

Perhaps one of the most prominent themes applied to the shoe’s design is the all-seeing eye, which is also found in the athlete's Hamsa tattoo. Prominently inked on Irving’s left arm, it is a symbol for the hand of God, and it is derived from ancient Middle East. The sign signifies luck, happiness, and good fortune while warding off the evil eye. The immediately recognizable eye design is primarily situated on the shoe’s heel counter.

When it comes to shoe technologies, three notable ones are integrated into the model’s design. These innovations are the Venus Flytrap-inspired containment system, the Nike Air Zoom Turbo, and a Hamsa-inspired traction pattern.

The shoe’s unique containment system has been inspired by the well-known carnivorous plant. It is so named because the mechanism tends to envelop the player’s foot similar to what this moving shrub does to its unsuspecting prey. This setup proves to be beneficial to the player though as it creates a snug feel while upping its game in terms of foot lockdown.

An update in the shoe’s cushioning system is also apparent with the newer Nike Air Zoom Turbo. Contrary to the older models that make use of the regular Nike Zoom Air, this updated element is designed to cover the player’s forefoot footbed to adapt to rapid direction changes. This type of foot support is well adapted to Irving’s shifty type of play.

In line with Irving’s aim to share personal narratives in his shoe creations, the all-seeing eye is still integrated into the shoe’s design. While this design is still representative of the basketball player’s distinct left-arm mark, it also serves utility in terms of traction and stability.

Cushion. An updated cushioning system has been used for this version of the Nike Kyrie. Called the Nike Air Zoom Turbo, this system is placed in the forefoot area, providing coverage while maintaining stability for a rapid-direction-change type of play. This form of cushioning is intended to follow the shape of the player’s forefoot. Through this, more energy responsiveness is achieved during a player roll. Additionally, flexibility is delivered through wielded channels running through this shoe feature. Additionally, a foam midsole reinforces the amount of comfort for the shoe.

Traction. Quite different from the geometric patterns used on its predecessors, the traction pattern used for the Kyrie 5s features Hamsa’s all-seeing eye. The rubber outsole ensures stability for its players while bringing a personalized touch from Irving himself.

Designer Benjamin Nethongkome says, ‘He wants to have more than just a basketball shoe. And this allows us to apply more of his spirit throughout the shoe.’

Length and Width. The Nike Kyrie 5 basketball shoe is reported to be true to size. However, an expert basketball reviewer pointed out that the shoe is quite snug. So, it is recommended for wearers to visit their nearest store outlet to get the best possible fit.

Lockdown. A new technology that is inspired by the Venus Flytrap is introduced in the Kyrie 5’s lacing system to ensure maximum foot lockdown. This setup allows for an optimal snug feel particularly around the midfoot area. Flywire cables are also used to reinforce foot lockdown. As described by its designer Nethongkome, the cables are set up in such a way that it locks the player’s foot into the Nike Air Zoom Turbo unit. This optimizes responsiveness in the forefoot. The designer added, ‘We wanted it to be both beautiful and improve on fit and feel.’

Shoe breathability is brought about by this Nike Kyrie 5’s mesh upper. The material, together with the shoe’s Venus Flytrap inspired containment system, delivers a supportive yet flexible feel for the wearer. The upper also incorporates a ½ cleatie feature that reinforces the shoe’s form-hugging fit. The material extends up to the ankle area through a mid-top collar. The padded collar of the shoe reinforces support to the Achilles tendon.

Either on or off the court, the Nike Kyrie 5 smashes it through its looks. Since the shoe is available in several colorways including the ‘Triple black’, players can pair it with a wide array of outfits. This can include a casual t-shirt and jeans combo or the usual jersey and shorts pairing for an indoor basketball session. The shoe is also available in more vibrant hues for the more fashion-forward players or wearers. An array of predominantly blue, red and white versions of the shoe have been made available.

Taken from Kyrie Irving’s left arm Hamsa tattoo, the all-seeing eye symbol is heavily applied in the basketball shoe’s overall aesthetic. Perhaps the most evident is the one found on the model’s heel counter. Others are placed in less conspicuous areas such as the model’s tread pattern. This mark reportedly gets rid of bad luck. In the Nike Kyrie 5, it serves not only an aesthetic purpose but also a functional one.

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘BHM’

The Nike Kyrie 5 ‘BHM’ celebrates Kenyan culture. These white basketball shoes boast a vibrant print on the flytrap and rose gold Swoosh.

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Black Magic’  

Going for a traditional vibe, the Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Black Magic’ makes use of black and white. The inky hue covers all of the upper with a except for the brand’s marks and the athlete’s logo. The midsole is mostly white. The back part of the area contains splashes of white paint. As for the shoe’s traction pattern, more vivid colors are applied to the shoe’s eye shapes featured in it. 

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Blue Devils’ PE 

The Nike Kyrie 5 Blue Devils PE comes in three versions, each features a unique combination of black, blue, and white. The first version is dressed in a blue upper with white Nike logo splattered across the medial side. The midsole is also white with a small area in the forefoot blacked out to bring balance. The second model reverses things, and it features a white upper with blue detailings. Black dots are splattered across the midsole to avoid a monotonous look. The final version from this collection presents a predominantly black upper paired with a white midsole. Contrast is created by a blue logo that is found at the heel area. There is also a solid blue block on the side of the midsole, which already features specks of the same shade of blue.

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Celtics’ PE 

A retro vibe emanates from the Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Celtics’ PE basketball shoe. The upper is doused in white with green accents peppered throughout some areas such as the heel and the Venus Flytrap lacing system. Another shade added into the mix is the bold black of Nike’s logo, which is placed across the medial side. A gum rubber outsole retains some of its natural brown shade even as a snowy hue envelops the eye component in the traction pattern.

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Friends’

This colorway of the Nike Kyrie 5 is inspired by his favorite TV show “Friends.” The Kyrie 5 ‘Friends’ features a black-based mesh upper with teal, yellow, and orange highlights. 

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Galaxy’ 

Another interesting colorway comes alive as the Nike Kyrie 5 is drenched in a galaxy-inspired color palette. Rumored to be inspired by the hit cartoon series Rick and Morty, the shades included are navy blue, metallic silver, and a mishmash of purples and pinks.  Green is also integrated into the lacing system and the Venus Flytrap mechanism of the shoe. 

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Have A Nike Day’

The ‘Have A Nice Day’ colorway boasts a white-based upper with a denim-like material on the Swoosh and heel overlay.

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Ikhet’

The ‘Ikhet’ colorway features once more the athlete’s interest in the Hamsa symbol, by adding an Egyptian twist to it. The shoe’s beige, purple, and red are cohesively tied together by golden accents that are incorporated in the basketball shoe’s overall look. Gold also outlines the eye design at the heel counter. 

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Just Do It’

The Kyrie 5 ‘Just Do It’ colorway features a black-based upper with the words “Just” and “Do It” appearing on the medial and lateral sides.

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Mamba Mentality’

The Kyrie 5 ‘Mamba Mentality’ is reminiscent of the ‘Chaos’ colorway of the Zoom Kobe 5. These Joker-inspired basketball shoes feature a white upper with purple and neon green accents.

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Spinach Green’ 

The Spinach Green version of the Kyrie 5 had been pictured grazing the foot of the famed athlete in a pregame event. Rumored to be covering the Nike Kyrie 4s, this rendition sports a clean yet edgy look. The upper is predominantly white with the exception of the Venus Flytrap element and the heel area, which are covered in a geometric pattern featuring the all-seeing eye. The green bits are those of the shoe’s logo, the Flywire cables as well as the midsole. Finally, the medial part of the midsole features the ‘I AM THE UNIVERSE’ quote in the athlete’s own handwriting.

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Taco’

This special colorway has been created in collaboration with Odd Future’s Travis Bennett who is also known as ‘Taco’. This special edition basketball shoe presents a somewhat camouflaged look which makes up the majority of the upper. To balance out the subdued coloring, more garish hues are applied into the shoe’s detailing. A flashy orange shade covers the internal part of the Taco Nike Kyrie 5 as well as the logo and outlines in the medial part of the shoe. 

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘UConn’ PE 

The Nike Kyrie UConn PE basketball shoe looks like a poster child for gym shoes. This colorway goes for a minimalist look with a mostly white upper with bold red and blue details. The logo manages to pop out because of its fiery hue while a blue streak is placed in the soleplate. Additionally, the Kyrie logo is not left behind either as it still stands out in the tongue area through its black outline. 

Nike Kyrie 5 ‘UFO’

The ‘UFO’ colorway features an obsidian upper with white-speckled detailing. Hints of blue and green are seen on the tongue while a basketball-spaceship logo is found on the shroud.

SpongeBob SquarePants X Nike Kyrie 5

This collection takes inspiration from the iconic animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy each have their own iteration of the shoe.


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