Who should buy the Nike Infinity Pro 2

The Infinity Pro 2 is a full-fledged spikeless shoe with a strong semblance of running footwear. Buy it if:

  • You're after spikeless shoes that provide versatile surface traction.
  • Golf shoes that give steady and responsive rides are what you prefer.
  • You're someone who doesn't have a lot of time cleaning shoes.

Nike Infinity Pro 2 buy

Who should NOT buy it

Skip the Nike Infinity Pro 2 for the wide Footjoy Fuel if you have bulky feet. And if you prefer a shoe with no negative remarks about its tongue, check out the PUMA RS-G.

Nike Infinity Pro 2 tongue

The extremely plush Infinity Pro 2

Many adore the Nike infinity Pro 2 for its sky-high level of comfort. Their adoration is reflected in these comments:

  • "The react foam is super comfy."
  • "I feel very relaxed wearing these!"
  • "The most comfortable golf shoe."

Nike Infinity Pro 2 comf

Spectacular sticking prowess

The Nike Infinity Pro 2 has earned convincing grip-centric remarks from numerous reviewers, from "I felt complete control when lining up my shot" to "soft spikes for the win!" One commenter added that he felt "very grounded when striking."

Nike Infinity Pro 2 gripa

Nike Infinity Pro 2 equals excellent surefootedness

This athletic Nike kick is in the business of giving golf players enduring steadiness on the course. It provides "excellent postural stability," says one reviewer. It "supports well during locomotion," says another.

Nike Infinity Pro 2 surefoot

Could be less restrictive

About a handful of experienced golfers find the Infinity Pro 2 a bit cramped. One of them says that it's "slightly narrower than I had expected," while another says that it's "a little tight when walking." That said, they say that the restrictiveness goes away after the shoe's quick break-in period.

Nike Infinity Pro 2 toe

Infinity Pro 2: Amazing outside golf

Golf players use the Nike Infinity Pro 2 for activities other than completing 9 and 18 holes. "No more changing shoes between a few rounds of golf and a lunch," says a reviewer. Another golfer says that it's great for hanging around in the clubhouse.

Nike Infinity Pro 2 versa

Triumphant against dirt

This spikeless offering from Nike is celebrated by many for its dirt-repelling design. It "doesn’t get that dirty even in wet and muddy conditions," says an impressed golf player. As a cherry on top, it also cleans easily, based on reports.

Nike Infinity Pro 2 dirt

An infinitely stunning shoe

Numerous buyers are floored by the flashiness of the Nike Infinity Pro 2. "The material & color is what sold me" and "some of the sleekest golf shoes Nike has produced so far" are two of the best remarks about it out there.

Nike Infinity Pro 2 looks

Some rubbing may occur

It's been reported that the Infinity Pro 2's tongue can give some folks a rubbing sensation. A tester blames this issue on the tongue being a bit too long.

Facts / Specs

Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Synthetic
Closure: Laces
Style: Athletic
BRAND Brand: Nike
Colorways: White / Grey

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