Nike Infinity G: Golf performance at a modest price

Nike has done incredibly well in most sports it ventured into, and golf is no different. The brand's golf shoes have risen to be one of the highest-selling ranges in the world of golf. One of their offerings is the Infinity G. It is a golf shoe equipped with superb cushioning and waterproofing.

Who is it for?

  • Beginner golf players
  • Players who love simple-looking golf footwear

What to expect?

The Infinity G fuses all essential golf features packaged in a budget-friendly price tag. Here are some of the remarkable features worth knowing:

  • Smooth synthetic leather makes wiping off dirt easy
  • Stay dry no matter the weather, thanks to its waterproof construction
  • Perform swings and stay comfortable with the combination of its soft foam midsole and cushy insoles
  • Experience excellent grip in numerous conditions via the integrated outsole spikes


The current trend of Nike Infinity G.
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