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    High Top

    Football boots with sock-like extension above the ankle level for added protection and support. the best high top fooball boots.

    Mid Top

    Football boots that offer coverage until the ankle level for extra stability. See the best mid top football boots.

    Low Top

    Traditional football boots without collars or extensions for maximum mobility. See the best low top football boots.

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    Choosing the best collar height is a matter of personal preference and is not dependent on the type of surface played. More info here

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    Firm Ground

    Football boots that provide rotational and aggressive traction on firm or dry natural grass. See the best FG boots.


    Football boots with flat, anti-slip rubber outsole great for indoor courts. See the best IC boots.


    Football boots with durable rubber outsole designed for excellent grip on short-piled synthetic grass. See the best Turf boots.

    Artificial Grass

    Low-profile, hollow-studded football boots intended for long-piled synthetic grass. See the best AG boots.


    Football boots built for street, dirt, concrete and polished pitches and also doubles as a casual wear. See the best Street football boots.

    Flexible Ground

    Football boots that are built for more than one type of surface. See the best Flexible Ground Football boots.

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    Nike Hypervenom

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    Football boots are often categorized by brands into different collections based on their distinct purpose such as boots for Speed, Power or Control.

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  • Using a one-piece design, the Hypervenom Phantom III Elite DF SG-PRO features a Flyknit upper which is known for its durability and for being lightweight.
  • A dynamic fit collar is seamlessly installed as a part of the one-piece construction. It features a more angled cut. It also promotes better support and fit.
  • Typical of Nike’s premium models, the Hypervenom Phantom III Elite DF SG-PRO also possesses the All Conditions Control (ACC).  This technology is perfect for wet conditions as they provide better ball control.
  • An asymmetrical lacing system has been integrated into the upper of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite DF SG-PRO. It is designed for a more customized fit. It is fused with the Flywire cables that help the upper wrap around the midfoot to ensure foot lockdown.
  • Another feature of this soccer cleat is the PORON foam pods that are strategically placed in the strike zone. These pods help enhance shot velocity.
  • The soccer cleat also features the removable aluminum studs for traction. The stud configuration is designed to handle quick twists and turns within soft ground courts. The Nike’s Anti-Clog technology is also present in this model.

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite DF SG-PRO offers a snug, sock-like fit. The soccer cleat is available in men’s sizes, ranging from 6 ½ to 9 ½. A central lacing system is integrated into this soccer cleat’s construction similar to that of the Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 Elite CR7 FG and the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite Firm Ground models.

The aluminum studs of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite DF SG-PRO are designed for soft ground courts. These studs are removable to provide custom traction depending on the softness of the ground.

Especially useful for soft ground fields, the soleplate of the cleat has the Nike’s Anti-Clog technology. As the name suggests, this technology prevents mud from clogging up the soleplate and prevents it from being weighed down for better acceleration on muddy pitches.

Utilizing a full Flyknit upper, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite DF SG-PRO brings with it a comfortable, sock-like fit. This material wraps around the foot providing support as well as securing the foot in place. While a tongueless, one-piece design is incorporated, this soccer cleat still retains breathability - one of the many advantages of using Flyknit.

In the efforts to optimize the players’ shot velocity, the PORON foam pods have been added in the strike zone. PORON is known for being rate dependent which means that the pods would firm up with hard kicks creating a pinging sensation and doing away with the padded feel. On the other hand, soft blows will elicit softer reactions.

The Flywire cables run through channels in the upper and connect to the outsole of the cleat. These cables help create a more secure fit for the foot ensuring lock-down especially during fast play.

The ACC feature is a perfect match for the soft ground version. It helps in maintaining ball control even in wet environments.

The Dynamic fit collar featured in the Hypervenom Phantom III Elite DF SG-PRO differs from other models as it features a unique cut. It is distinctly patterned to look as if the collar's medial side is longer than the lateral side. A more angled cut promotes better fit, especially in the ankle area.

  • Gonzalo Higuaín, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Robert Lewandowski are few of the players that wear the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite DF SG-PRO.
  • This soccer cleat is lightweight at 7.5 ounces.
  • The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite DF SG-PRO is the new name for Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF SG-PRO.