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6 reasons to buy

  • The Nike Freek feels great to wear, said almost all of the owners.
  • A high number of wrestlers deem this model to be competition-ready because of its grip.
  • According to many wearers, its light and flexible construction makes it easy to move quickly on the mat.
  • A lot of reviewers like that their feet don’t get too hot when using this pair of wrestling shoes.
  • The ankle support on this trainer satisfies multiple people.
  • Numerous shoppers find this footwear pleasing on the eyes.

2 reasons not to buy

  • According to a couple of users, the Nike Freek did not last a full season before it started falling apart.
  • An individual wishes that the top allowed for more slide on the mat.

Bottom line

Comfort is of no issue with the Nike Freek. It is constructed using materials that make it easy to move and have ventilation features that prevent sweaty feet. Also, the grip provided by the outsole allows wearers to charge without worrying about slipping. With a lot of notable qualities, it’s a no-brainer why athletes choose this Nike wrestling trainer for competition and practice.

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Good to know

Built for action, the Nike Freek is suitable for both professional and amateur wrestlers. The top is constructed with a material that prevents sweat build-up. The fabric is also soft enough to provide a comfortable wrap.

Meanwhile, the sole unit is uniquely constructed. The presence of vents under the arch helps with moisture and temperature regulation.

Another highly sought after wrestling gear worth considering is the Combat Speed 5 from Adidas. Unlike the Freek, the Combat Speed 5 has a genuine split-sole wrestling construction; the midfoot is covered in a wide strip of suede. The suede element eases the traction in the specific area, allowing users to batter maneuver tricky situations.

Those who think that the Nike Freek needs more ankle support will be happy to know that the Combat Speed 5 has a strap to help with that. This structure also serves as a lace-locking feature, so you won’t have to worry about the shoestrings unraveling during a match.

The bottom of the Nike Freek has a unisole design, but the presence of a suede strip at the forefoot allows for a bit more flex. The flex grooves also help wearers perform precise movements on the mat.

The segmented rubber layout provides a targeted grip. Slippage won’t be an issue when you push forward or when you’re preventing a takedown.

A little surprise can be seen in the middle of the sole. There are slots on the arch area that serves as a ventilation feature. It helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the foot chamber, and if it does get soaked in sweat or if washed, the vents fasten the drying process.

Inside the Nike Freek is a very thin insole. Despite being flimsy, it adds underfoot comfort without reducing the overall flexibility of the trainer. It also prevents in-shoe slippage.

The top of the Nike Freek is crafted using mesh. This material, paired with the slotted outsole, ensures that the interior is adequately ventilated. It is also soft, allowing it to properly wrap and support the entire foot and ankle.

Suede and rubberized thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) overlays retain the structure of the top. They also protect against abrasion to prolong the life of the fabric.

The overlays integrate with some parts of the lacing system. Tightening the shoestrings enhances the lateral hold at the ankle and the broadest part of the foot. There’s also a Velcro lace garage to keep the front tidy.

It is good practice to avoid washing shoes with suede elements. But because some wrestlers prefer to use their wrestling shoes sockless, the need to wash them becomes pertinent. According to those that have washed it, they are quick-drying because of this feature.

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