Who should buy the Nike Free Metcon 4 Premium

This training shoe from Nike is a good match for wearers who want to look good while training. Several users have already commented about how pretty this shoe looks. They also share that they get compliments when wearing this.

The Free Metcon 4 Premium is also for those who have a more generic workout regimen. There are reports that this shoe is good for both lifting and typical cardio workouts.

Who should NOT buy this training shoe from Nike

The Nike Free Metcon 4 Premium is not for those wearers with wide feet. The Nike Flex Control 4 might be a more accommodating pick for them.

This shoe is also not for those gymgoers who have issues with shoes that still need to be broken in. They are going to be happier with the Nike MC Trainer or the Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2.

Free Metcon 4 Premium: All-around goodness

A reviewer shares that this shoe is "excellent for weight training."  Another wearer declares that this trainer is "nice for burpees" and other warm-up/cardio exercises. Because of this versatility, a happy wearer hails the Nike Free Metcon 4 Premium as the  

"perfect all-rounder for functional training."

It's comfort redefined!

When it comes to comfort, wearers have a lot of good things to say. The following are just some:

  • "exceptionally comfortable"
  • "super comfy"
  • "great comfort for hours"

"These are the most comfortable trainers I've ever bought!" one of the happy wearers of this shoe even declares.

...as long as it's properly broken in

It must be noted that this shoe still has to be broken in before the comfortable experience starts kicking in.

No issue with traction here

A fitness enthusiast observes that the "grip on the sole is great." Because of it, she is able to securely plant her feet when lifting. She is also able to avoid slips when doing quick movements.

Well-cushioned to keep you pain-free

A wearer appreciates the shoe's cushioning system. She says that it keeps her protected from impact when she does vertical exercises.

Your foot ain't going anywhere, honey!

"Your foot isn’t moving around and slipping," reports one gymgoer. She credits the shoe's close-to-the-skin fit for the nice support. According to her, this experience makes the Nike Free Metcon 4 PRM "amazing for weightlifting."

Caution: Not for wide-footers

The shoe's close-to-the-skin structure and fit are not good news to everybody. It has become a little too constricting for wide-footers.

Say goodbye to wobbliness

A gymgoer is appreciative of the stable feeling that this shoe makes her feel. She is able to securely plant her feet because of this.

Definitely won't feel like bricks

A couple of wearers note that the Free Metcon 4 Premium from Nike is pretty lightweight. 

Work out in style with the Free Metcon 4 PRM

A couple of wearers say that this shoe has a "lovely design" and that its colors are great. Another reviewer concludes that these kicks are "great-looking shoes."

Facts / Specs

Base model: Nike Free Metcon 4
Use: Workout, Jumping rope, HIIT / Gym
Width: Normal

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