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  • The upper is made up of Circular-Knit Spandex. Because the material has elastic properties, the upper adapts to any foot shape. It’s also a material that’s light and accommodating, allowing the runner to move comfortably and freely.
  • The midsole is co-molded with two layers of foam that have varying densities. The combination of a softer and firmer layer in one platform delivers sufficient cushioning and plenty of responsiveness while maintaining a comfortable feel underfoot.
  • There are Flywire Cables on the midfoot section of the upper. These tough filaments have been integrated with the laces, so tightening the traditional lace-up closure will also tighten the fit and security on the midfoot, delivering better support.

The Summer version of the Nike Flex RN 2018 is only available in women’s sizes. Female runners can make use of their usual size preferences when choosing their pair. As for the width, it is available in B – medium, the standard width for women’s shoes.

Key areas underneath the Nike Flex RN 2018 Summer were covered with durable rubber. More specifically, the rubber can be found on the forefoot and the heel. The placements protect the areas from wear, as well as deliver sufficient traction during the landing and toeing-off phase of the running cycle.

The tread is composed of horizontal lines that run through hexagonal segments. This tread pattern allows the outsole to be more flexible, moving together with the runner without restriction or the feeling of stiffness.

The midsole is co-molded. It is made of two platforms with different densities, combined. The softer layer ensures that the runner feels comfortable during runs by providing the right amount of cushioning underfoot. The denser layer, on the other hand, delivers responsiveness, allowing runners to get a better feel of the ground.

The material the upper is made of Circular-Knit. It has elastic properties that allow it to adapt to any foot shape, delivering a fit that feels comfortable, snug and customized. It also makes the shoe well-ventilated, as air can easily escape through the gaps of the knit. Hot spots are reduced, and the footwear is deemed fit for running in hot weather.

On the midfoot section, covered by the knit material, are Flywire Cables. They greatly reduce the weight of the shoe while still delivering enough support on the midfoot. They have been integrated with the laces. These cables act like a cage, tightening and securing the fit as the traditional lace-up closer is tightened. Doing this will slightly immobilize the midfoot during runs resulting in better stability.

The upper of the Nike Flex RN 2018 Summer maintains its minimalistic and seamless appearance with only a few overlays. The Nike logo can be found on both sides of the upper. Plus, an overlay that acts as a minimal stabilizer for the heel can be found on the back of the shoe. These overlays serve as structural reinforcements as well as additions to the shoe’s aesthetic value.

Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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