Who should buy the Nike Flex Control 3

The Flex Control 3 is one of the cheapest training shoes you can get from Nike. Apart from the budget-friendly price tag, this trainer will benefit those looking for the following:

  • a very simple, almost minimal shoe 
  • a versatile trainer for gym, athleisure, and casual use
  • grounded foot experience thanks to the shoe’s flexibility and lightness

Nike Flex Control 3 best use

Who should NOT buy the trainer

If you want a serious workout shoe, we recommend checking the flagship Nike trainers. People with wide feet should stay away from the Flex Control 3 as it tends to fit on the tight side even for the average-sized feet. Consider trainers that are available in Wide options instead.

And if you need more cushioning and support for high-intensity workouts and don’t mind paying around $20 more, the Nike SpeedRep would be a better option. Beyond Nike, we could also recommend Under Armour Charged Engage.

One of the cheapest Nike trainers

With the average price of Nike training shoes hovering around $100, the Flex Control 3’s $65 price tag definitely stands out. It is even among the cheapest trainers that you can get across all brands. This is a perfect option if you just need a pair of no-frills gym shoes.

Nike Flex Control 3 price

On the downside, coming from the lower price tier, you shouldn’t expect much from this training shoe. Quite a few reviewers disfavored the durability, mentioning that the upper material on the toe box tore apart after only a couple of weeks of moderate wear.

Good option for easier gym sessions

The Nike Flex Control 3 works best for low-impact cardio exercises and moderate workouts. It's got some cushioning to keep you protected during lights jumps and short runs.

Nike Flex Control 3 sole

However, with the shoe’s basic design and minimal cushioning, it’s not something you would consider for serious cross-training or weightlifting. That’s what the Nike Metcons are made for.

Flexes together with the foot

The users like how this trainer flexes similarly to a Nike Free trainer but with a bit more underfoot padding. They say that it helps to make the foot movement a bit more natural.

Nike Flex Control 3 flexibility

The deep flex grooves are strategically facing different directions to help the foot feel very maneuverable.

Nike Flex Control 3 is really light!

“Feels like wearing nothing,” according to some of the comments. At 9 oz (255 grams) in a men’s size 10 the trainer is 18% lighter than Nike training shoes on average. It belongs to the category of lightweight training shoes which is so much appreciated by people who like to do agile footwork.

Be warned: this is a narrow-fitting one

This is the shoe’s biggest problem (and, unfortunately, pretty common for Nike shoes in general). Thus, it is a no-no for wider feet and can even be a bit tight for the average-sized foot. It has a narrower fit even compared to other Nike shoes in the same size.

Nike Flex Control 3 midfoot

The reviewers mention tightness on the sides as well as pinching sensations in the toebox. Some say that they couldn’t even get the foot inside the trainer.

On a lighter note, people with narrower feet will appreciate the snug, locked-down fit. But be sure to wear thinner socks with the Nike Flex Control 3.

Can get a bit slippery on wet floors

Because this Nike trainer comes without a full-length rubber outsole, it’s not the grippiest one.

Nike Flex Control 3 slippery outsole

The shoe touches the floor with bare foam which is only slightly reinforced with texture. There is a little grip coming from this pattern but not enough to help you feel surefooted when the gym floor gets wet from the sweat, tears, and spilled water.

Visually appealing silhouette

As befits a Nike shoe, the Flex Control 3 doesn’t skimp on style. Users also mention receiving lots of compliments when wearing the trainer.

Nike Flex Control 3 style

Minimal yet tasteful, there is nothing "too much" about the shoe. You can choose from the more austere black, blue, and grey color options or go for the slightly more fun ones with a tint of red and orange.

This is what contributes to the shoe's versatility as the wearers had no problem throwing the pair on for a dog walk or a night out with friends. It is rather easy to match with both athletic pants and jeans.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 9oz
Update: Nike Flex Control 4
Use: Workout, HIIT / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Features: Lightweight
Collection: Nike Flex
BRAND Brand: Nike

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