Who should buy the Nike Dunk Low Retro

The Dunk Low Retro is among the most sought-after staple sneakers with indelible street cred. Add this kick to your cart if:

  • You're a Nike fan who's looking for a go-to retro sneaker that sells for no more than $100.
  • Low-top beaters from the Swoosh brand are what you're after.
  • You've been searching for kicks that come with a glove-like fit.

Nike Dunk Low Retro buyist

Who should NOT buy it

The Dunk Low Retro's stiffness can be mitigated with time. That said, if you're not one for waiting that long, try the comfy-from-the-off Nike Dunk Low.

Nike Dunk Low Retro no

Ready for various occasions

Those looking for staple shoes find the Nike Dunk Low Retro attractively versatile.

 Nike Dunk Low Retro verso1

The Dunk Low Retro's no-frills design

Verified sneaker buyers praise the shoe's clean and simplistic profile.

Nike Dunk Low Retro simple

The one to beat width-wise

Like the Dunk Low, this too doesn’t feel narrow or too wide.

Nike Dunk Low Retro wider

Could be more flexible

Compared to the Dunk Low SP versions built with genuine and buttery soft leather, the underlay leather on this shoe feels “hard and plasticky.”

Nike Dunk Low Retro rigider

Supple rides in the Nike Dunk Low Retro

Even without the Air bubble, it's considered one of the low-tops that provide sufficient cushioning. This quality makes the featured shoe quite ideal for everyday use.

 Nike Dunk Low Retro cushier

Are the Dunk Low Retros resale-worthy?

Nike Dunks are among the most tossed-around silhouettes under the Swoosh camp. Most kicks from this bunch are considered hot items in the resale market. That said, the Retro shoe, in particular, isn't really resale-worthy.

Buyers intending to resell Dunk Lows might find it more valuable to go for the premium SPs that come in skyrocketing price tags, such as the Syracuse, Kentucky, and Brazil colorways. On the other hand, the Dunk Low Retro's drawing factor comes from its affordability since Nike mass-produces these periodically. Thus, the shoe in question is more accessible to everyone value-wise.

Nike Dunk Low Retro question

Facts / Specs

Base model: Nike Dunk Low
Style: Retro, Sporty
Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Nike Dunk, Nike Dunk Low
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, EVA, Rubber Sole

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