Nike Daybreak stays true to the original runner

Vintage Nike runners have found a comfortable spot under the brand’s retro sneaker lineup. Like other running shoes from 1979, the Nike DBreak makes its comeback time and again. The updated styles mimick the old-school silhouette’s straightforward look with few revisions in the use of materials. 

The running-inspired Daybreak sneaker is popular for its nylon treatment on the vamp, hits of suede on the heel and toe, and use of the brand’s signature waffle sole. Some models maintain the mesh base material in front while there are reinterpretations that utilize textiles.

Why it’s a hot retro sneaker pickup?

  • Has a blend of striking colorways that delivers a vintage flair 
  • Built with a support system that limits the inward rolling of the foot
  • Features the trademark waffle sole that grips on varied surfaces

Nike DBreak vs. Nike Air Tailwind 79

Both sneakers belong to Nike’s roster of running kicks from the late 1970s that gets updated every so often by the Team Swoosh using OG colorways and reimagined styles. 

Cushioning. The Nike Tailwind 79 is a bit more advanced than the Nike DBreak in terms of technology with the Nike Air bubble unit's presence in the sole. Because of the added cushioning element, the Air Tailwind 79 feels more squishy underfoot than the Daybreak. 

Arch support. The Daybreak may have minimal shock-absorbing properties compared to the Tailwind 79, but its less technical structure features an arch support provision that helps reduce foot pain related to imbalance.

In a nutshell: If you need a bit of support at your foot arches, then go for the DBreak. But if you prefer a more plush ride for your day-to-day activities, go for the Tailwind 79. These kicks share similar style features such as suede treatments at the forefoot and heel, plus the use of the signature waffle sole. Value-wise, both profiles belong to Nike’s cheap sneaker options, with the Daybreak costing a fraction lesser than its contemporary style. 


The current trend of Nike Daybreak.
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Danny McLoughlin
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