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The tough-yet-plush Crater Remixa from Nike blends futuristic aesthetics with enduring comfort, making it ideal for more demanding days. Its sporty and lightweight construction offers enhanced mobility, whether indoors or outdoors. Also, its captivatingly speckled midsole and super-low asking price (which quickly drove many buyers to make the shoe their new "it" sneaker) give the Crater Remixa that must-have status.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Plush for longer walks
  • Midsole draped with colorful flecks
  • Durable
  • For the budget-conscious
  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Shock absorbent
  • Sustainable


  • Makes feet look bulky
  • Tight

Who should buy the Nike Crater Remixa

One of Nike's eco-friendly kicks, the Crater Remixa revels in its stoutness without being weighty. It's the right shoe for you if:

  • Your profession requires you to stand or walk for extended periods.
  • Space-age kicks, particularly those made with recycled materials, are what you collect.
  • You need more shock absorption in your step.
  • Canvas sneakers make your heart skip a beat or two.

Nike Crater Remixa buy

Who should not buy it

The noticeably fanned-out construction of the Crater Remixa's sole unit can make your tootsies look too big. If you want something chunky that won't magnify your feet, try the Nike Air Max 97. Also, visit our selection of wide shoes if extra room matters to you the most.

Nike Crater Remixa no

Nike Crater Remixa equals cloud-like pampering

Numerous wearers, including a vlogger, are convinced that this chunky piece delivers extraordinary comfort. Men are especially floored by said shoe in this regard, with one giving it his "husband of the year award."

Nike Crater Remixa comfy

Amazing for walkathons

Standing all day or doing rounds for hours in the Crater Remixa is a pleasurable experience, many sneakerheads say.

Nike Crater Remixa plush

Won't bail on you

Much like most Nike sneakers, this sustainable must-have, according to reviewers, lasts.

Nike Crater Remixa durable

Safe and bouncy rides in the Crater Remixa

The springy-yet-firm construction of this sporty sneaker delivers high shock absorbency. It also provides more energy return than those with flatter soles.

Nike Crater Remixa bounce

Slender it is not

Quite a number of owners say that the Crater Remixa will turn your feet into bulky tanks. Take this into consideration when planning your ensemble for the day.

Nike Crater Remixa tanky

The Crater Remixa's restrictive shell

Reviewers from both gender camps find this kick narrow. Those from the male crowd say that it's the heel that's tight, while wearers from the female group say that it's the forefoot.

Nike Crater Remixa heel

Says no to weightiness

Despite its brawny profile, the Nike Crater Remixa is almost feather-like in lightness.

Nike Crater Remixa light

Nike Crater Remixa: Your wallet's truest ally

The Crater Remixa's initial price tag, which is no more than $70 a pair, makes the shoe such a steal by default. To put things into perspective: it rivals many hiking sandals in terms of budget-friendliness. For more cheap sneakers, click here.

Nike Crater Remixa cheap