Our verdict


Just like the OG model, the Crater Impact SE doesn't disappoint where looking posh and gaining steady footing are a must. This gorgeous chunky sneaker from Nike gives you more of everything that the vanilla version has on offer. Yes, it's your more-of-the-same kind of kick, but that's a win and never really a bad thing in our books.


  • Top-level comfort
  • A thing of beauty
  • Fantastic support
  • Great stability
  • Light
  • True to size
  • Eco-friendly
  • Convenient on and off


  • Squeaky at first
  • Could be more breathable
  • Somewhat tight around the midfoot

Who should buy the Nike Crater Impact SE

Chunky appeal and sustainability collide in the Nike Crater Impact SE. Add this to your shopping cart if:

  • Balance is something you wish to have in huge amounts.
  • You're looking for sneakers that keep you walking upright for as long as possible.
  • Collecting speckled kicks is your thing.

Nike Crater Impact SE buy

Who should NOT buy it

Trade the Crater Impact SE for the Nike Waffle One—a pretty much noise-free shoe that's ideal for summertime getaways. There's also the Adidas Swift Run, whose versatile confines don't give a cramped in-shoe feeling.

Nike Crater Impact SE no

The Crater Impact SE’s life-changing comfort

Sneakerheads in droves are starstruck by the plushness of the Crater Impact SE's interior. Their rave opinions are reflected in these remarks:

  • "Like walking on colorful clouds."
  • "Ridiculously comfortable."
  • "Like I’m walking on marshmallows."

The shoe's comfiness is also transformative for one individual. "They have changed my life in terms of comfort," says she about her Crater Impact SEs.

Nike Crater Impact SE comf

The center of attention

The Nike Crater Impact SE is a thing of beauty, and many reviewers agree. "Wow, beautiful!" says a vlogger. A non-professional reviewer says that it's a "breath of fresh air" and that it's "not a generic safe/boring Nike shoe."

Nike Crater Impact SE looks

A powerful combo underfoot

The Crater Impact SE's support system is mighty impressive, according to sneaker collectors. One of them says that, on concrete floors, the featured shoe "has been a lifesaver." "My hip actually feels better when I wear these," says another. Yet one more reviewer says that it's "very supportive for lifting heavy in the gym."

Stability is also very commendable in this offering. A sneakerhead says that "the wide base of the shoe makes you feel really stable."

Nike Crater Impact SE stab

Nike Crater Impact SE: Not the quietest kick around

Among its few misfires is its allegedly squeaky sole unit. That said, one reviewer is confident that it'll go away with use.

Nike Crater Impact SE squeak

Impactful on the lightness front

The true-to-size Crater Impact SE is not clunky at all, despite its burly midsole. It's "extremely lightweight," says a Nike fan.

Nike Crater Impact SE light

Sweat-free feet not always guaranteed

There are those who don't find the Nike Crater Impact SE airy enough. A reviewer wishes that it's "a little more breathable for summer wear."

Nike Crater Impact SE breatha

Mildly smothering around the midfoot

The Crater Impact SE's arch section isn't for extra bulky feet. A reviewer says that it can feel somewhat restrictive, particularly for wide-footed folks. Having said that, giving the shoe enough time to loosen up can give it a more relaxed fit.

Nike Crater Impact SE tight

The Crater Impact SE loves the environment

The featured shoe's eco-friendliness is adored by many. "It's awesome how they are made from recycled material," says a female sneakerhead about her Crater Impact SEs.

Nike Crater Impact SE eco