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Taking a look at the detail of the sneakers, it clearly shows that it is intended for women who are always on the go. The sock-like feel ensures an easy on and off slip. The thick, heavy-duty rope laces not only give the sneaker a unique style but also reinforce some tightness on the feet. Women wishing to avail these sneakers may choose from sizes 5-12.

Much like its predecessor, the City Loop Floral still targets the people conquering the urban jungle. Although much of the details are kept intact, one of the significant changes done for these sneakers are the updates on the look. Now clad in a black and red colorway, the sneaker features a sleek and smooth design, a combination of the breathable textile upper and black rubber etched with a deep forest floral pattern.

The modern look of this sneaker can be best paired with shorts or leggings to exude that casual and sporty vibe. Completing the look with sweaters seals the city commuter look, only in style.

Because of the successful run of the City Loop, the brand released a floral rendition not long after. Much of the features on its predecessor remain, including the extremely cushioned Phylon midsole. This technology is composed of  EVA pellets that are compressed, expanded by heat, and cooled in a mold, making it a low-profile, lightweight, and responsive cushioning system.

Although not the first in the scene, Nike has gone a long way since its inception in 1964. The brand's current success illustrates that naming it after the Greek goddess of victory is not a mistake. Initially producing athletic footwear, it soon became a favorite go-to brand for casual sneakers even before the term athleisure spurted. Moreover, because of the changes in how people live, the brand has also targeted these different types of people to cater to their demands.

An example of this is the growing population of those who are making their way through the city, the commuters, and the urban millennials that are always on the go. The Nike City Loop fills in these demands and at the same time, ensures its wearers that being on the feet all day is not only done with comfort but in style as well.  

Released only on October 5, 2017,  the sneaker features a warm and rugged sock-like fit donned in a marle knitted upper matched with strong and thick rope laces. Not long after, because of its successful run, the brand decided to launch a floral rendition called the City Loop Floral.

  • The Nike City Loop Floral is available at the brand's website for $120.
  • The floral pattern that creates a subtle and feminine statement is inspired by a traditional Russian Khokhloma painting.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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