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6 reasons to buy

  • Comfy: Hikers in droves "recommend" and "would buy again" the Nike Canyon for being immensely comfortable.
  • Durable: Based on numerous reports, this offering (just like those that comprise our catalog of high-quality sandals) is mighty tough.
  • Featherweight: The Canyon’s impressive lightness is among its main highlights, according to testers.
  • Glove-like: Experienced trail-goers swear by this hiking sandal’s one-to-one sizing.
  • Affordable: Its ultra-low asking price puts it in our selection of budget-friendly sandals.
  • Fashionable: Multiple adventurers from both gender camps find the Canyon irresistibly attractive.

1 reason not to buy

  • Subpar adjustability: Many reviewers say that the Canyon’s short Velcro attach points make the sandal in question a tough sell for narrow-footed folks.

Bottom line

Most of the satisfaction that you will get from the Canyon comes from its heavy-duty top-to-bottom construction and a kind of comfort Nike hikers are quite known for. It is a town-to-trail sandal that keeps you on your feet, whether over rough terrain or concrete sidewalks. Yes, the Canyon has versatility written all over its proverbial face, making it a strong candidate to be your next “it” outdoor footwear.

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Nike Canyon: Before you buy

Depending on where you are, the name “Nike” alone can convince you to scoop up a pair of Canyons straight away. Having said that, be the wiser first before you jump the gun by reading through the following:


Lined upper. Unlike most hiking sandals, the Nike Canyon has all its adjustable straps generously padded. This lining goes beyond the borders of the straps, giving you even more comfort as a result.

Easy access. Its back strap is the only strap you need to loosen to gain access to the sandal the next time through. Yes, there is no need to alter the configurations you have set on the forefoot and instep straps for the sake of access.

Chunky heel + thin forefoot. This combination will let you pull off daring landings minus the painful impact, all while giving you extra-responsive toe offs.

Ridged outsole. The Canyon’s sticky rubber is reminiscent of the one in the ACG Deschutz but with more pronounced ridges at the heel and forefoot. On this outsole, you will have extra latching power during descents and ascents.


  • The front edge of the Nike Canyon’s footbed is barely raised. This might pose a problem for those who are prone to slippage around the toes.
  • Its arch zone might be too high for flat-footed hikers.


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