Who should buy the Nike Canyon

This uniquely designed hiking sandal from Nike can be recommended if you need footwear for daily walks, errands, casual gatherings, and moderate hiking trips.

Nike Canyon who should buy

Who should NOT buy the sandal

Since not everyone was satisfied with the adjustability of straps, the Nike Canyon may not end up fitting some foot shapes well. If you don't want to take risks, consider Nike ACG Deschutz or Teva Hurricane XLT2.

Plenty of comfort inside the Nike Canyon

Wearers report that the sandal feels comfortable for extended hours of walking. "I have not taken it off for hours," says one of them.

Nike Canyon comfortable interiors

Unlike most hiking sandals, the Nike Canyon has all of its straps generously padded. This lining goes beyond the borders of the straps, giving you even more comfort as a result.

Straps are adjustable but could be improved

Wearers note that the sandal is really easy to put on because its back strap is the only strap you need to loosen to slide into the sandal. So, there is no need to fiddle with the forefoot and instep straps.

Nike Canyon strap

But on the downside, some reviewers complained that the straps aren't adjustable enough to achieve the right fit. For example, the Velcro piece on the heel strap is too small to tighten up the fit.

Can become slippery underfoot

Unfortunately, the insole lining can get slippery if you tend to sweat a lot. Some people also note that the sandals can feel slick whenever they are not wearing socks.

Nike Canyon slick underfoot

Another problem with sliding is caused by the barely raised front edge of the footbed. This might pose a problem for those who are prone to slippage around the toes.

Nike Canyon is an affordable sandal

With the average price of hiking sandals being $93, the Nike Canyon appears to be quite reasonable and affordable at $75. And if you catch a discount, it gets even better!

Eye-catching looks

The Canyon looks unique without a doubt. It attracts plenty of attention for its wearer and is available in a variety of attractive color options.

Nike Canyon style

Chunky heel and thin forefoot: This combination will let you pull off daring landings minus the painful impact, all while giving you extra-responsive toe-offs.

Ridged outsole

The Canyon’s sticky rubber is reminiscent of the one in the ACG Deschutz but with more pronounced ridges at the heel and forefoot. On this outsole, you will have extra latching power during descents and ascents. No complaints have been received regarding the outsole traction.

Nike Canyon rugged outsole

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 10.6oz / Women 7.8oz
Use: Day Hiking, Urban hiking
Features: Strappy / Lightweight
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Nike
Construction: Strappy
Material: Rubber sole

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