Who should buy the Nike Blazer Low 77 Jumbo

Scoop them up if: 

  • you’re a fan of the Nike Blazers and want an edgier style
  • you’re into minimalist kicks
  • you love the skatewear style
  • kicks with a hint of throwback style suit you
  • sub-$100 skate-inspired sneaks appeal to you

Nike Blazer Low 77 Jumbo blazer

Who should not buy it

If you’re simply after cozy kicks ready to hit the road immediately without needing to be broken in, check out the Nike SB Check Solarsoft and SB Charge Canvas. If you want a comfy, well-cushioned shoe in a similar profile, jump over to the Nike Blazer Low Leather. If you prefer the offbeat sneaker style that’s gentler around the ankle and heel, go for the LD Waffle Sacai

Nike Blazer Low 77 Jumbo dont buy

Not as narrow-fitting as most Blazer kicks

Sneakerheads who have sported other Nike Blazers noticed that those kicks typically have a narrow toe space. But many have affirmed that the Blazer Low 77 Jumbo isn’t as constricting as most kicks from the same line. They say this shoe feels true to size. One vlogger who reviewed this shoe and was aware of the narrow-fitting frame of Blazer kicks still recommended going true to size for this silhouette. A Jumpman fan commented that the fit is “the same as a pair of Jordan 1 Lows.” 

Suitable for wide-footed users

A broad-footed reviewer didn’t complain about foot ache. On the contrary, he said, surprisingly, this shoe felt fine on him all day. Since fit depends on one's comfort preference, some wear-testers suggested sizing up in half if one opts for a more spacious build, especially around the toes. 

Nike Blazer Low 77 Jumbo wide

Fat laces are hip and durable

Its chunky laces give it an edgy character. As described by a sneaker vlogger, the laces are wider than in other Nike Blazer shoes. The fat laces are “similar to those Adidas Run DMC Superstar's or the Sacai’s.” A sneaker enthusiast who said this shoe got a perfect design beamed about the thick laces as it doesn't get ripped too soon. Another wearer added that the lace accessory gives this shoe a nice touch: “It definitely pops.”

Tying the laces can be a bit taxing 

Though many liked the look of jumbo laces, some found the length relatively short. According to them, adjusting the fit can be pretty tedious.

Nike Blazer Low 77 Jumbo lacing

It got an ample amount of padding

Like in most Nike Blazers, the tongue and collar have ample padding. A YouTube vlogger who thinks this shoe is built with the standard foam structure commented that the padding is “pretty good, but overall, [there’s] really nothing special.” One wear tester who appreciated how the foamed collar makes this kick feel comfy also said it didn’t hurt the ankles when walking around.

Nike Blazer Low 77 Jumbo padding

Adjusting to its mold doesn't take long 

This leather-covered kick needs to be broken in. A sneaker lover said, “the soft leather will easily stretch.” One shoe reviewer initially worried about “the back heel tab being too stiff” and was pleasantly surprised that it became more pliable and granted comfort through repeated use. Another wearer echoed this by saying, this shoe will “feel better the more you wear them.” 

It gets comfy past the break-in point 

Most of the reviews left on this low-top version of the Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo circled on how surprisingly comfortable it feels, considering it’s made with a standard foam cushioning. Some testimonials of satisfied wearers include: 

  • "they give me enough cushion to be comfortable walking around all day without having foot or back pain"
  • "no blisters or toes that hurt; they are just perfect!" 
  • "you can casually wear this all day and not be in any pain."

Nike Blazer Low 77 Jumbo cushioning

Grab and go sneaker

Sneaker hunters needing a pair of kicks for their daily grind enjoy wearing this for grocery store trips, casual Friday work, walking the dogs, and going to the gym, among others. One reviewer considers this pair a “perfect throw-on-and-go sneaker.” 

Excellent quality for less than $100

As described in one sneaker vlog, this shoe doesn't have imperfections like glue marks, stains, or stitching issues. The same reviewer praised Nike by saying, “they did a good job as far as quality control is concerned.” A satisfied shoe vlogger said this kick “feels a lot better than the general [Nike] Dunks.” Another sneaker tester who said the leather cover is nicely built appreciates that it doesn’t crease easily.

Jumbo Swoosh screams high-street fashion

Sneaker buffs think this kick got an Off-White, Travis Scott vibe for a very affordable price. Though it’s simply a regular Nike Blazer Low with a huge oversized Swoosh on the side, a Nike sneaker fan said it’s “a must-cop pair of GRs.”

Nike Blazer Low 77 Jumbo swoosh

Summer pickup

A sneaker tester considers this “a great shoe for the warmer months.” Another reviewer guaranteed it’s a “prime time summer essential” sneaker and suggested snagging it up if you’re a first-time sneaker buyer and on the fence about purchasing this kick or not.

Easy to tidy up

According to a sneaker enthusiast, the only issue he had with the Nike Blazer Low 77 Jumbo is the suede material at the front gets dirty pretty quick. But the leather cover on most parts of the upper is easy to tidy up as per another admirer of this style. Another user who got this shoe muddy testified that dirt quickly came off with water and a toothbrush.

Nike Blazer Low 77 Jumbo tidy

Facts / Specs

Base model: Nike Blazer Low 77
Style: Minimalist, Sporty
Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Nike Blazer, Nike Blazer Low
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Suede, EVA, Rubber Sole

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